general introduction to sat test: the most comprehensive sat faq in history

Posted by barello at 2020-04-15

The picture is the SAT examination hall in Hong Kong: Asia International Expo Hall, which is often called "mass graves".

1. How many months in advance is it appropriate to apply for SAT?

Generally speaking, the SAT registration should be at least two to three months ahead of schedule. Because Hong Kong's examination room is limited, if the application is late, there will probably be no examination room. We need to know that there are many students going to the mainland for the examination now, so we can brush up the examination room early to ensure the ideal examination room and time.

In addition, the test places are released in batches, so if you can't get them in February, it doesn't mean you don't have them anymore. Generally, around March, the test places in May will be released in large quantities

Young partners who want to apply for the exam should plan early~

2. TOEFL or sat first?

Sat, after all, has a great demand on candidates' vocabulary and reading ability. In terms of vocabulary requirement, TOEFL's requirement for vocabulary is 5000-8000, while SAT's requirement is 12000, so the suggestion of small edition is that if the foundation is not good, it's suggested to learn TOEFL first to lay the foundation, and to start sat around T95. For some of the big gods who easily break through TOEFL, they can attack sat first and look back at TOEFL. It's like cutting tofu.

3. How long does it usually take to prepare for the SAT?

I think it will take less than half a year for general high school students to have the foundation of TOEFL, and they can start to prepare in the second half of high school. However, as for the accumulation of reading and vocabulary, we can start long ago. It is suggested that we can contact the original books as soon as possible, or memorize the vocabulary of TOEFL and sat as soon as possible.

4. Do you want to go naked or take a test?

The suggestion is not to, because there have been countless students' tragedies that their scores have been delayed or cancelled because of their great progress. In this case, all you can do is retake the exam or take a lawsuit, and what you spend at the end is unnecessary energy. If you want to test the water, of course, you can. The specific method will be mentioned later.

5. How to plan your SAT test time?

The suggestion is to choose one test in May and June to understand your own shortcomings, and then in October, just in time to approve the application in advance. If the result is not ideal, you can choose to take the test again in November and December. If you are well prepared, you can move your front forward. In May and June, you can move forward to January or the previous year.

6. Does the SAT need to report to the training course?

Most of SAT relies on their own accumulation, but I think it's necessary to sign up for a training class, mainly in solving skills, solving ideas, and some writing skills. I feel that the most important thing in the training process is the improvement of grammar. Teachers often speak more systematically than they summarize. As for the choice of foreign teachers or Chinese teachers, I think they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, the native language of foreign teachers is English, which has a natural language advantage. First of all, it can ensure that the English they write and speak is pure and free of language defects. And Chinese education, even if English is better, for example, some people who have overseas life experience, we can't avoid that there is no language defect in the English they write and speak. But in many people's eyes, foreign teachers are loose in class and there are no rules and regulations to speak of in teaching methods, while Chinese teachers seem to give people the feeling that they always have a lot of experience in examination skills, and they also have a thorough research on examination and answer skills. So you can choose the right teacher according to your own situation.

7. Should we memorize the words first or do the real questions first?

It is recommended not to memorize words blindly. At the beginning of lesson preparation, the focus is mainly on words. You can do relatively simple questions such as og and 10 real at the same time, and then you can increase the difficulty.

8. What is a good way to improve the efficiency of memorizing sat words?

My suggestion is to use fragmentary time to memorize sat vocabulary, which is more efficient than memorizing words in a large period of time. According to the Ebbinghaus memory curve, if the words recited are not consolidated in time, or the use will be forgotten. But there are also different opinions. A large number of teachers in the training class have said that it is more effective to memorize words in a long period of time. All the methods are still different from person to person. Memorizing a word is the best way to think about what high-level synonyms and antonyms there are in this word. It's better to make sentences with this word. During the training, the teacher often does these exercises for us, which is not boring. Root affixes are also a good way for you to draw inferences and improve the efficiency of memorizing words. In addition, it's also a good way to read the English explanation of vocabulary when reciting the Baron 3500.

9. Comparison of SAT test sites?

Hong Kong: it's near. It's the first choice for mainland students. It's convenient to apply for a pass. Most places can communicate in Chinese. There's not much difference in diet, but it's famous for its strict supervision.

Singapore: the price is relatively cheap, and the test room is relatively loose. You can travel by the way after the test (this is good). But the language is somewhat different. Although Chinese and English are also spoken there, most of the time they speak Cantonese and Indian English, especially Indian English, which is extremely difficult to understand. I'm tired of hearing about visa.

Macao: after all, the time difference in the territory, the language and other things are convenient, the invigilation is strict, and the examination points are relatively few.

South Korea: the cost is relatively high, and the language is also different, but it is said that visa has been signed in such a developed country, and it will be more convenient to sign the visa back and forth in the future.

Thailand: with the hot weather in Thailand, will more students choose to go to Thailand for SAT test? The price is reasonable and convenient, but the weather is hot and will be attacked by mosquitoes.

10. Comparison between the Asian Expo Hall and the small test center?

It's needless to say that the Yabo hall is easy to find but full of people. I've also experienced the mass murders. I remember that when I came out, I was crowded and it took me nearly an hour to get out. I was really tired and faint. If you want to experience the magnificent scene of the mass murders, don't miss it. I have also experienced two small examination halls, mainly because it is difficult to find some places, the scale is not so large, and the access is relatively convenient. The mass graves are large and close to the airport. As long as there is only one subway station, you can go to the stampede as soon as you get to the airport. But if you want to go to a small examination hall, you should go to a stampede the day before anyway.

11. What tasks should we focus on before the SAT test?

I think it's different from person to person. It's better to take a model test every few days. There's no need to brush up a lot of questions before the test. I'm going through 3500 fast, reading grammar mistakes, reciting writing materials, reading English magazines, and keeping a good sense of doing exercises and good physical condition.

12. What should I do the day before the SAT test?

The day before yesterday, I was basically on the road, listening to music and seeing the material. When I arrived in Hong Kong, I tried to avoid street snacks. I mainly ate light food. I could go out and have a look, but not too tired.

13. process of SAT?

Sat 1 (reasoning) examination process

Section 1-2: 25 minutes rest for 5 minutes

Section 3-4 25 min rest 5 min

Section 5 to 6, 25 minutes each, 5 minutes off

Section 7 25 minutes

Sections 8 to 9 20 minutes each

Section 10, 10 minutes, about 1:00

Sat 2 (subject) examination process

Section 1: 1 hour, 5 minutes rest (only one test can leave the examination room)

Section 2 1 hour rest 5 minutes (only 2 subjects can leave the examination room)

Section 3 to be completed about 12:30 in one hour

14. What details should be paid attention to in the SAT model test?

Model test is the most important thing is to create a real simulated test environment for yourself. It is suggested that you can get up early in the morning, carry a bag, take a bus to go outside for a round, walk for a while, and come back to your room in sweat. Remember to abide by the time limit of the exam. You can't eat half of the fruits and drink milk. You can't brush the micro blog.

15. What is the so-called sat Sutra?

Sat and TOEFL are similar, but not very common. In order to maintain the control of the difficulty of the questions, so SAT will also repeat the questions, so the machine classic is the memory of the past year's examinations, mainly some vocabulary questions and reading general content.

16. What is an additional test? Is it a score?

The additional test is a section of SAT, which may be grammar, reading, mathematics, not counting points.

17. How to judge the additional part of SAT?

Of course, it's the outbreak of personality when encountering mathematics in the additional test. It may be a little harder than the ordinary section when reading grammar. Actually, I don't know how to judge. I only know how to do every section well. After all, it's impossible for every ordinary candidate to know so much about sat.

18. What is SAT score?

The so-called score combination is to add the highest score of each test.

19. What are the scoring policies of SAT?

The policy of every school is different.

There are five scoring policies in total

First, here are five different sat scoring policies:

(1) Highest Section Scores Across Test Dates — Version 1(Highest M, CR, W)

The university that adopts this policy will get the highest score of each SAT1 item you send, but consider other lower scores you submit

(2) Highest section scores across test dates - version 2 (highest m, Cr, w) the University adopting this policy will get the highest score of each SAT1 you send, and only consider the highest score of your single item

(3) Single Highest Test Date — Version 1(Sum of M CR W)

The University adopting this policy will get the highest total score of all previous SAT1 sent by you, but consider other lower scores you submitted

(4) Single Highest Test Date — Version 2 (Sum of M CR W)

The university that adopts this policy takes the highest total score of all previous SAT1 sent by you, and only considers the highest total score

(5) All Scores Required for Review

Universities that adopt this policy require you to send all your SAT1 scores and consider all your scores

Universities that adopt the first or second policy are so-called universities that are allowed to "compete"

20. Are sat exams the same around the world?

Different, there are Asia Pacific test area, European test area and the eastern and Western test areas of the United States.

PS: that's why there are 4 composition questions in the model test and only 1 Composition question in the real test. The last composition of each set of model test questions is the composition of Asia Pacific test area.


21. What is the difference between SAT2 and SAT1?

SAT1 focuses on your English language ability, while SAT2 focuses on your professional knowledge.

22. What are the subjects of SAT2?

SAT2 has 17 subjects:

Science and Engineering (including chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics 2)

Arts and history (including American history, world history, American literature, world literature)

Foreign languages (Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish)

23. What kind of student is SAT2 suitable for?

I think that SAT2 is for those students who have spare time to study outside of TOEFL and SAT1. In addition, students who apply for science and engineering majors are advised to take a few science courses. Of course, if they want to apply for a top university, the results of SAT2 are also indispensable.

24. What vocabulary does SAT2 need?

It doesn't need too many professional terms. I didn't spend a lot of time memorizing words when preparing for the test. Basically, I mastered the words in the preparation book.

25. Og, OC, difficulty comparison of real questions?

Difficulty is OC real question og

26. What's the value of each difficulty comparison of Baron, Princeton and Kaplan?

Barron's is the most difficult, and it's hard to turn around, so many questions are actually harmful and useless, not recommended

Princeton is the closest to the original question, which may be a little simpler, so it is suitable for the preliminary work after the completion of OG

Kaplan is too simple to do much

So recommendation is to do PR 11 questions

27. How to avoid carelessness in mathematics examination?

Carelessness is sometimes caused by lack of Kung Fu and unskilled problem-solving. Do not skip the math part of all the model tests. Practice more and strengthen the feeling of problem-solving.

28. What kind of foundation does the math exam need?

Mathematics is really simple. The most basic high school knowledge is enough. Some primary school students can.

29. What are the main contents involved in reading the article?

Art, black history, biology, nature, literature, art, society

30. How to understand the content and background of these reading articles?

(1) Various original books

(2) American Language

(3) Wikipedia

31. How should the original novel be used when preparing for reading?

(1) Improve reading

It's suggested to start with simple and interesting novels, such as twilight city and Harry Potter, to give me three days of light or something, and gradually develop towards difficulty. Pride and Prejudice is highly recommended.

(2) Accumulate writing materials

You can read Wikipedia or historical books related to American history, accumulate materials for composition, summarize and extract.

32. How to grasp the order of making questions in long articles?

It is suggested to skip the full text summary questions first, and then spend 1-2 minutes to mark the paragraphs in the questions that will have questions, and then start reading from the beginning, read the context of the marks, and then do the questions. Finally, I'll come back to do the full text summary

33. How to grasp the order of making questions in the contrast article?

(1) Short contrast

Do it after reading both ends, it's short anyway.

(2) Long contrast

The general way is similar to that of the long article, but some questions, P1's views on a sentence of P2 or P2's views on a sentence of P1, need to be looked back. The comparison of the overall meaning of the two articles can be done at the end.

34. How is the time distribution most effective when writing the essay part?

Generally speaking, the first two minutes are for brainstorming, and I want to figure out my own standpoint and materials to be used. Next five minutes are for the beginning. Then I'm generally two examples, one is 6 minutes, and the last is 3,4 minutes, leaving 2,3 minutes for checking and modifying.

35. Where to find the right sat example?

36. How to summarize and improve grammar effectively?

If the grammar is poor, many students with many mistakes can try to go through all the knowledge points first, then finish the analysis of the questions, and make one-to-one correspondence of the knowledge points for each course. The wrong questions then turn around to look at the original knowledge points, and then record them in the wrong books, and turn them over before the examination.

37. What is the difference between sat grammar and national college entrance examination grammar?

Sat grammar is far less abnormal than the domestic grammar. Generally speaking, it has fixed knowledge points and fixed collocations, and it will not exceed the outline. It is also useful for writing, unlike the domestic grammar which is almost like a bull's-eye and has no practical use.

38. Why do sat writing have four questions?

These four articles are the composition test questions of different test areas in the world (respectively: the east of the United States, the west of the United States, the European test area, and the Asia Pacific). In order to prevent someone from cheating with time difference, CB specially made a composition to show the difference. The Asian question is the last one, and obviously easier than the other three. If you want to take the exam in the Asia Pacific region, just take the last question to practice (because the composition questions will not be repeated across the test area). Many times, the Asia Pacific questions repeat the previous ones.

39. Is sat Asia and North America the same question every time?

The North American question is the same as the other parts of the Asian question. The difference lies in the composition. There is only one composition topic in Asia. You can only write one for you, but there are four composition topics in North America. Then you can choose one for yourself, but the only composition topic in Asia will never deviate. It belongs to those major categories, such as challenging authority, innovation, and so on. The North American topics often appear quite different Regular questions.