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Posted by millikan at 2020-04-15

V5 shop: is wechat applet worth doing?

Is applet a flash in the pan or a general trend? I'm afraid most businesses have such a question. Is it worth investing in a new technology such as applets? In fact, it's not so much about what small programs are, but whether all new technologies, including small programs, can bring more users and make the success rate of ordering higher. As a senior small program technology development service provider, V5 shop collected several of the most concerned questions from businesses to answer.

Q1: is there any "flow dividend" in the app?

If you can confirm the data, the applet must have a "flow dividend".

1. The daily login users of wechat and Taobao are 980 million and 400 million respectively;

2. According to the double 11 shopping data, 90% of tmall's orders come from the mobile terminal, and users are used to mobile shopping;

3. Mushroom Street consumption data shows that 44% of new orders come from wechat friends;

Therefore, there is a nearly 500 million user group between wechat and Taobao, which can directly complete the daily shopping behavior through small programs. This is what we call the "flow dividend" of applets.

Q2: it seems that there are not many people around using small programs?

Is that really the case?

According to the data released by Moby bike in mid May, the app was fully connected to wechat ecosystem from the end of March, and 2400 new users were added in April More than 50% of them are from small programs, and users are more accustomed to using wechat code scanning to unlock, rather than app; in KFC and McDonald's, the two-dimensional code from the ordering table will enter into the small programs, which makes more users think that they are using the hand-held machine to order food, but they are not aware of a new technology being used. This is exactly the advantage of seamless integration of applets and application scenarios.

If you don't believe it, you can compare the number of "nearby applets" in the same location from now on. The number of V5 shop editors increased from 32 at the end of May to 178 at present. Can't you tell the extent to which they are recognized?

Q3: it will take several steps to enter the small program from wechat, isn't it too troublesome?

Some businesses say: it's said that small programs are very easy to use, but they can be opened directly in the mobile phone by using the app, and they can enter wechat by using the small program, and click "discover - small program" to use the small program, which seems too troublesome. This statement is too one-sided.

First of all, this view ignores the premise that the app needs to be installed and the applet does not need to be installed. In the same way, when new users use the app, they need to download it first, and the "installation" link will shut many users out. For the old users, the app installation amount of Moby bike can't be compared with wechat. Wechat can scan and unlock the app. Why download an app to occupy the cell phone space? In addition, Android phones also support adding applets to the mobile desktop, which is no different from app.

Secondly, there are more than 50 entrances for small programs to flow from wechat ecosystem, which can be accessed through wechat search, nearby small programs, custom menu of public account, insertion of text message, details page of public account, wechat payment voucher, template message, etc. It is obvious that a single app cannot cover so many application scenarios.

Therefore, small programs have penetrated into all aspects of people's life and clothing. For businesses, just like in the era of PC Internet, every enterprise must have a website. In the era of mobile Internet, small programs will also become the standard for enterprises. The o2o app launched by wechat Kebao has various social marketing modules, such as membership card, coupon, team building, seckill, full reduction, all staff distribution, etc. through the feature of "no need to install and access" app, users can quickly understand and use the services of businesses, promote the integration of online and offline channels of upstream and downstream businesses of tourism, and improve the attraction, activity and transfer of new users Efficiency.

As a leader in the field of applets, V5 shop applets have opened up a series of applets, taking the industry as a breakthrough point, and will successively launch more industry versions of applets. At present, the small programs that have been opened include: brand display version, group version, beauty industry, catering, e-commerce retail version, chain brand o2o, channel wholesale version, milk tea coffee version, fruit fresh version and multi merchant platform version. Scan code experience applet, become a seed user of V5 shop applet, multi industry version and so on!