wordpress 3. x information disclosure and illegal operation vulnerability; discuz! x2.5 release r20120701 update

Posted by barello at 2020-04-16

Discuz! X2.5 r20120701 update record

+======================================+Discuz! X2.5 official edition 20120701 + ========================================================================================================= + fix modify the event fix QQ group of JS response: reduce the URL length

Fix deals with the problem that the classification information is in array format. Fix the plug-in variable settings of user groups and sections. Fix the problem that add the version number of mobile client's white list. Fix the problem of invalid italics in the revised article and log. Fix x2.5 branch filters the administrator's subject classification of forcolumnav

Fix Chinese can't register character set problem fix x2.5 branch sets script label SRC as text / JavaScript fix content type of returned content in script label SRC as text / JavaScript fix Association link PHP mode compatible script label fix reply comment only 1

Fix registration terms of service display format problem fix theme view number is automatically reset to 1 from time to time when opening cache post problem fix does not display prompt fix to correct other color fast post button when turning off bonus points problem fix is compatible with multi forum Library

FIX language package code error FIX classification information edit box selection does not show problems FIX front office management has been approved through the article, the background is still prompted the issue of audit FIX repair did not select channels to publish articles when attachments upload hints upload failure problem FIX modify Alipay handover, modify PID parameters

FIX classification information subject numeric type can not display 0FIX repair QQ interconnect exposes anonymous user information problem FIX FIX reply to repost after editing, there is no problem of reply tag analysis, FIX modified IE6 adaptive width side problem FIX DIY some cases downloaded take the top post or essence post failure.

Fix correction DB is transformed into Statistics Error Fix correction breadcrumb navigation link error bugfix post reading permission modification problem fix background audit delete post recycle bin search no fix special module can use field description text error

Fix mobile Posts choose to keep turning, mobile version access error fixfix processing data caused by archive table is not allowed, which may cause paging problems compatible processing fix pseudo static link error after special comments.

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