handmade gauze mask for 10 minutes

Posted by tetley at 2020-04-16

Because of the effect of the new corona virus, the mask of the commercial article was scarce, and the person who made it unwillingly began to work. The ability to cut the virus is lower than that of disposable nonwoven masks, but it is safer than wearing nothing. There is also an effect to prevent the nose and mouth from touching unconsciously by one's hand, and it seems to be a constant infection prevention measure. I introduce the simple method of gauze mask which I heard in Kaori Inoue of the tri am sankiya pharmacy in the handicraft shop in Fukuoka.

Mr. Inoue said, "it is not like blocking the virus perfectly, but a person who wants to make it in the mouth and nose and moisturize and cheek etiquette is coming." It is possible to protect the mucosa and prevent the infection by keeping heat and moisture in the throat and nose. You need to keep the mask clean and clean every day. The person who is worried about the virus is boiling or boiling. It is convenient to make multiple sheets including washing.

The material to be prepared (1 piece) is double gauze (19 centimeters in length, 49 cm in length) and rubber for 2 masks (25 centimeters). It is good to work with an iron.

Illustration: (1) put the gauze turned back horizontally and fold the upper and lower ends toward the center.

(2) the left end is left two centimeters and folded from the right to the half, and the fold is attached.

Illustrations (3) = (2) are opened once, and the right and left ends are folded to be about 5 centimeters outside the fold, and fold along the fold.

The right and left sides are stitched from the end to about 1.5cm inside and pass rubber for mask.

It is only the last two places to sew, and the required time is 10 minutes. It is recommended for people who want to make hand sewing. The gauze fabric can be purchased from 200 to 300 yen and one bag (2 meters) for about 300 yen.

In the store, it is popular for handicraft senior people who sell patterns for handwriting of solid and pleated masks. It is said that the number of people who buy it increases, and the exclusive rubber is in a thin state, and it recommends substitute goods. Ayako Honda