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Analysis method of smesiriev, Elena gennadievna

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Analyze online - stories as a tool to promote blogs

(C) 2018

Keywords: blog, lifestyle blog, digital blogging, online blog, content planning.


(C) 2018

Keywords:blogging,lifestyle blogging,digital blogging,on-line storytelling,content-plan.

General introduction and its relationship with important scientific and practical goals. Today's blog can make money or express your feelings and opinions in front of the audience. But because Technology is improving, and readers' skills and psychology are under daily pressure. Information pressure is more and more difficult to attract and retain the audience of blog. At present, many technologies are being developed and implemented to make websites and blogs more entertaining and memorable. Display the product by using the smallest words and the largest video or audio elements.

One of the technologies mentioned in the English part of the Internet is "Digital Storytelling" or "organization storytelling".

In China, the National Assembly began to use it as a way to promote blog, not long ago, but in the English environment, its use began around 2011. The conditional starting point of this way of expression is "interactive" Article 1 in the New York Times.

In the domestic scientific literature, the research on blog and its tools mostly focuses on its educational or psychological impact. Readers. These digital narrative abilities are analyzed from the perspective of journalists, designers or teachers.

Analysis of recent research and publications in the area of corporate responsibility

In an article by gorohov [3] Digital Storytelling: social and educational potential; At present, the possibility of applying digital narrative technology to social practice and education is being studied. This paper studies different digital story classification, describes the algorithm of digital story work, and provides practical application examples.

See a.m. anyukhina's article on this. [4] Multimedia corridor and digital storytelling network media phenomenon analyze the precondition of digital storytelling; This paper studies the elements of the traditional narratives of longrad, and consistently proves the connection theory between three kinds of literature and digital storytelling.

In sumskaya [5] "Storytelling in Marketing PR"

This paper analyzes the role of storytelling in improving audio-visual PR communication, and studies the relevance of modern media narrative.

Smyshlyaeva Elena Gennadjevna ANALYSIS OF ONLINE……

Film culture, the real life of digital media art.

Shevchenko's article "[6]" visual communication: the trend of information dissemination forms and technologies "focuses on the analysis of forms and technologies used by modern media. The choice of an effective way of reporting depends on the views of the specific readers, the theme and the purpose of the publication. Information overload, looking for new report forms, leads to the formation of trends and media culture.

Blogging made easy [7] introduces in detail how to use network design and its application in social network.

Dana fox 365 BLG topic ideas: for the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to [8] provides some ideas and methods that can be used on your own blog.

Google checklist: Marketing edition 2016: SEO, web design, paid advertising, social media, pr. [9] provides online marketing methods and digital storytelling tools to promote blogs on the Internet.

Form the purpose of the article). Blog and blog are two related concepts. Quite a lot of people use this way to express their ideas in order to creatively realize or get income from their activities.

Like any workflow, blogs need to take a conscious approach to their organization. When organizing a blog, we can consider the following:

1. Provide an effective place for work process Create the most effective creative environment.

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2. Optimization computers are only used for work tasks. All entertainment applications and Internet use "for the soul," where possible, from other devices. Effective use of time accounting software.

3. Clearly divide work and rest time.

4. Grouped tasks. Permanent "multi-functional skin" can make better use of brain resources, and eventually we become older and lose the ability to concentrate.

5. You can use text snippets.

6. Content development plan. The long-term planning of content enables the blog not only to make reasonable use of time, but also to plan other tasks related to continuous quality update. Blog.

7. Ideological organization. Many blogs have a separate notebook with different lists of ideas - titles, topics about ideas: content, design, Work with others. These records, when re read, are intended to facilitate the creative process.

8. Publication. Draft publications are currently being prepared as they are already in preparation. Drafts of questions and ideas are much easier to work with than "clean" worksheets. Similarly, you can collect publications on topics and your own publications 178


Therefore, to organize an effective blog process is as follows:

1. The production of ideas.

2. Ideological classification, content design.

3. Edit the formation of the calendar.

4. Create content.

5. Content validation.

6. Publish content or automatically publish calendars.

7. Content tracking - work on social networks and reviews.

8. Blog promotion.

In order to analyze the latest trend of blog creation and promotion, we have created "4 students" [10] blogs, which we conditionally describe as life blog.

The theme of life style is currently widely used in blog, more specifically, a large number of blog content belongs to this direction. The number of queries on Google's "life blog" is 527000, while jandex's is 104000, Google's "life blog" is 138000, and yandex's is 13000.

-71 000 000 vs. 25.01.18), i.e This topic is very practical and popular.

According to an article published on the Hello blogger platform, "life blog is the broadest creative space.

Instagram accounts in the lifestyle section can be conditionally divided into two categories: "like beautiful" and "active blog", immersed in career or activity. The first exercise is to look for unusual places, food in pictures, and the second

-Try to put it in the meaning of your message. Both groups have their own fans, who go to instagram every day to find inspiration and beauty, or to see how people live outside a specific social circle. Therefore, the life style blog looks like a combination of fashion, travel, sports, children, work, etc.

According to the conclusion in Article 11, we can blog in different forms of social network:

1. Lifestyle blog's "connect" format looks like an attractive set of photos, pictures, quotes, links, and weaknesses. Any work thought that helps to reduce brain and distraction. In the Contracts Committee, in most cases, blogs are popular, telling about life in another country, or about the life of an independent career representative.

3. Live in YouTube blog is the most popular living space blog. Here you can tell about your life from different perspectives. Viewers like video blogs to see other people's lives.

Karelian Scientific Journal. 2018. because 7. No. (1)

Economic Science

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Analysis method of smesiriev, Elena gennadievna

Life, because It's almost unlimited possibilities to find inspiration and content, especially for those who are active.

5. Blogs are on their own platform - one of the most difficult types of blogs. However, it is considered to be the most popular blog in this paragraph to write about the lifestyle. That is to say, not all blog leaders can tell the fun of daily life with taste and inspiration.

For the topics on the blog, readers' preferences are: [12]

-"Political economy" - 30 people, accounting for 18% of the respondents;

-"Beauty and care" - 21 people)

-"Soviet / life insurance" - 93 people)

-"Sports" - 25 people)

In order to attract attention to our publications and to promote blogs, we used the following methods: image heroes and link to their accounts in instagram, place incentives "Pictures", our publications in VK social network, instagram, for example, 17 °, twitter, Facebook, Google +. Execute our publication as a story "first person" [18]

These technologies are now known as digital storytelling - a short online text description with minimal words, but with video or audio elements, [20]

2. Introduce the main contents of the Research Report and fully explain the reasons for the scientific achievements. [21] we have analyzed the existing technologies of both parties so far, and according to [] 21]

The following methods are proposed:

-Traditional) use of text.

- vision.

-The animation effect on the audience,

-Sound effects,

-Video effects,

Social networks.

1. Traditional approach(

Attract readers' attention

2. Visual methods: photos, pictures, information graphics, etc. As we all know, images are more effective than texts: the human brain can process "pictures" thousands of times faster. A pair of real buyers in the photo will replace a bulky text description of the product's appearance. However, each photo provides an opportunity to interpret it from different perspectives and perspectives, so that your customers can understand different ways of the same image.

The three most commonly used types of visual content in history:

-Illustrations and photos in text, as well as sketches, graphics and charts - they add dynamic locations;

-Background image - give the blog a general mood;

-Infographics - this kind of image is popular because its capacity and text are used only as signatures.

3. Audience of animation:

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This is a popular way to attract users' entertainment attention. Blog readers' appreciation and love for animated pictures are more static than static. One method of animation content is parallax scrolling technology, which is relatively new in website design, but has great potential] [22] If the visitors of the blog hide the website at their own speed, the pictures of the fragments will have a different response to the scrolling, which will produce a sense of depth.

4. Audio effects.

In fact, the earliest way is to use words.

The audio on the website can be in various forms, but not all users are excited. Without their choice, a strange melody will ring.

5. Zoom in / out video domain

It is believed that the readers of the blog will surely be delayed on the website( In addition, this format helps to increase the number of users. As an example of using video, when a video story can be divided into parts while maintaining its overall integrity - a style, an idea. Or use painting style, etc.

6. Social networks.

The theoretical significance of scientific work lies in that it has made some contributions to the development of blog methods, business plans and successful blogs.

Practical significance of this article

Smyshlyaeva Elena Gennadjevna ANALYSIS OF ONLINE……


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