rpf installation day: respect security removal of paragraph 370 by principal

Posted by tetley at 2020-04-16

Ahmadabad. On Monday, the major date of the program was set on the 27th of the establishment of the Central House of Representatives of the Imperial Shah Rapid Operation Forces (RAF) So they entered it, and the King of the House said to him, “A guest in the land of Kashmir, in a state of peace, to build a barrier of 370.” It was a step, and it shows respect and honor to the security given to the Prime Minister, who gave their highest sacrifice to the country.

The governor of the house said, "I believe that the young men who are in Kashmir have been subjected to a great slaughter by 370. This is the case in the land of Kashmir." Permanent peace has been raised.

Ahmedabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah at the 27th Raiseing Day event of the Rapid Action Force (RAF). #Gujarat

He said in his speech that the genius chose the Prime Minister with a large majority, and he was also right for less than a month. And a big decision.

With the control of the youth of the RF and the CFP, physical threats are also important.

The young men with our strength have joined several missions at the international level and have increased the country's value.

They said the central reserve police force (CRPF) and other half-military forces to protect people for their land It's a partner. The House of Representatives said more than 34,000 security workers have survived their lives for internal security.