sex and new coronavirus, what you should know

Posted by tzul at 2020-04-16

Infected with a new coronavirus in sex? Even if I doubt it, it might be difficult to ask others easily.

In order to distinguish the facts and rumors, I hit a medical specialist with a new type of infectious disease (covo-19) and a question about sex.

Dr. Alex George is working in a British emergency department and also appears in the reality program "Love Island". Sex journalist Alix fox has a radio show presentation in the BBC.

Is the safety of a new coronavirus safe during sex?

Dr. George: if you have a specific person, and stay in and share the same environment, you don't have to change the relationship among the pandemic viruses. On the other hand, if one causes covoid-19, it is necessary to live and isolate it in the house. Ideally, I should leave the house two meters apart, but I know this is not realistic.

Mr Fox: it's very important not to decide that the partner is the same, even if you have a mild symptom of a new strain. If any symptoms arise, leave your loved ones.

Do you have sex with your new partner?

Dr. George: you'd better stop now to fuck your new opponent. Because there is a risk of taking a new virus to the other party.

Fox: don't forget there are some people who are not infected. Even if you think that you are quite well, you may be able to give someone a virus, and you may also get another contact with another person, or kiss the virus.

He kissed people recently, and then he contracted a new virus. What can I do?

Dr. George: if you kiss or contact someone who is supposed to be infected with a new virus, be sure to isolate yourself. Observe your health well and watch out for symptoms. Get information on the website of the National Health Service (NHS) and rely on the paramedics only if medical assistance is so severe that you need to be patient.

In Japan, the Ministry of health, labor and welfare summarizes the consultations of each prefecture.

Before the infection spread, I didn't use condoms with my partner sex. Should I use now?

Mr Fox: why not condoms?

They were tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Or, if you are using the other contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy before and after menopause and for women, it is not necessary to use condoms in the future. However, I thought that I thought that I wanted to ejaculate in the outside of the woman, and I thought that it was not possible to take a sexual infection by one or eight, and the use of condoms was important even before the beginning of the condom.

If you touch another person's genitals, will you be infected with a new virus?

Dr. George: if you touch each other's genitals, you probably will kiss. A new virus is infected through saliva. From every mouth to the hand, to the genitals, to anyone's nose and mouth, every possibility of viral transmission leads to an increased risk of infection. Everyone is trying to minimize it. So it's really important to avoid contact with your partner.

How do I maintain my relationship in this situation? Because I don't want to be single

Fox: a new pandemic pandemic has made up a lot of people rethinking what good sex life is and what makes them happy. There are some people who write erotic sentences and send them to each other. There are some people who use the time difference and the distance while dating at various places. Everyone is very contrived. If you get the imagination, you can spend a sexy time

On the other hand, in this situation, the level of sexual desire may be different between partner and libido. Please remember this. Some people suddenly noticed. With the influence of the virus and behavioral restriction, they may have lived together suddenly with a partner who has only been dating once a week. Even if I want to be sex, the partner might not be so. It can also be reversed. It is important to talk with each other in consideration of each other. You can't have sex whenever you want. If you are with your partner and feel that you are forced to commit sexual intercourse, try talking to the consultation window of sexual violence.

Increased risk of infection with new viruses in HIV positive cases?

Mr. Fox: Dr. Michael breley, a supportive group for sexually transmitted diseases, has a great advice on this.

If you are positive for HIV and have a number of white blood cells called CD4 and the number of blood HIV viruses, you should think that immunity is not weak. In this case, the risk of a new virus infection has not increased. So, if you are positive for HIV, keep on drinking medicine so far. Follow the same rules as for self - and other measures.

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Coronavirus and sex: what you need to know