how you can comment on facebook pages when you’re admin

Posted by trammel at 2020-04-16

Facebook notoriously changes its rules and setting with little or no warning. Here’s a great update that I noticed had happened earlier today. I’m thrilled this happened after asking and asking for the ability to be able to comment on Fan Pages that I am an admin of with no response. So here’s how you can do it: 1. Go To Your Fan Page (example for our foursquare blog) On the upper-right click “Edit Page” 2. Edit Your Settings 3. Comment, Like or Post as Yourself! 4. Toggle Back To Comment, Like and Post as Your Page/Organization Once you’ve made this change you can easily toggle back and forth between a personal post/comment and one from your organization. On your Facebook Fan Page, under “Admins” click the “Use Facebook as [Fan Page]” Here are 5 quick reasons why you’ll personally want to join the conversation: Helps Build Personal Relationships Within The Organization To Add Your Personal Perspective Puts A Face With The Name (Literally) People Like To Connect With Other People and Knowing Who That Is Multiple Admins Can Add Varying Opinions & Perspectives In Comments How will you use this new update on your Facebook Fan Page?