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By heiyeluren on March 18, 2013

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Recommend some good computer books.

#PHP "PHP Programming" (version 2) - the best book for PHP syntax and introduction "PHP5 authoritative programming" -- the upgrade book after PHP introduction "in depth PHP: object oriented, patterns and practices" (version 3) - understanding the object-oriented and design patterns in PHP "high performance PHP application development" -- Understanding some basic and simple PHP optimization "PHP core technology and best practices" --Learn a lot about advanced PHP technology and extension technology "extending and embedding PHP" -- the best book for PHP kernel introduction and extension development! No one!

#MySQL must know, must know, must know -- excellent MySQL grammar reference book MySQL 5 authoritative guide (version 3) -- comprehensive and comprehensive use book of MySQL, suitable for getting started with MySQL - database development, optimization and management maintenance -- many practical MySQL skills MySQL performance tuning and architecture design --About a lot of architectures and optimized configurations, "highly available MySQL: building a robust data center" -- DBA and architecture understanding, you can read "high performance mysql" (version 2) - classic books for DBA and development! Recommend! "Deep understanding of MySQL core technology" -- a glimpse of the internal working principle of MySQL "inside MySQL Technology: InnoDB storage engine" -- the best book for in-depth analysis of InnoDB engine at present

#Linux Management: a necessary tool book for the desk of Linux system management technical manual. "Brother bird's Linux private dishes" is a good introduction. Common command manual of Linux 101 hacks reference book for writing scripts of UNIX Shell Scripting more detailed command manual of the Linux command line

#Linux Programming: Linux system programming is the most detailed book about the common API, advanced programming in UNIX environment, classic the Linux programming interface, and the supporting self cultivation of programmers in the previous book. Don't be misled by the name, it's an excellent in-depth basic book. "Deep understanding of Linux kernel" can be turned over, which is good for improving the detailed understanding. "Unix network programming" classic "TCP / IP protocol details" Volume I -- classic "TCP / IP advanced programming" good book

#C / C + +: introduction book of C programming language, one stop learning of lnux C programming, introduction book of C programming core technology under Linux, reference manual, getting rid of C pointer thoroughly, best introduction book of C + + programming ideas, classic high quality programming guide - C / C + + language, classic C expert programming, C and pointer, c traps and defects

#Golang: learning go simple the go programming language more detailed the way to go promotion

# Javascript:《Javascript, A Beginner's Guide》《Object-Oriented Javascript》

#Python: Python pocket reference is suitable for frequently turning over expert Python Programming

#Others: to deeply understand the classic of computer system, you must read "computer composition and design" to turn over "assembly language" Wang Shuang's best introduction to assembly "data structure" C language edition "classic" Java data structure and algorithm "to read" debug hacks Chinese edition "GDB introduction book" design mode - the foundation of reusable object-oriented software "classic" mongodb ", The definition guide, introduction to algorithms, 3rd Edition -- classic book database system implementation (2nd Edition) -- if you want to develop your own database, you can see mastery of regular expressions (3rd Edition) -- in depth understanding and using regular expressions

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