[ipa cracker] zero code one click to generate prison free ipa!

Posted by fierce at 2020-04-17

Description IPA cracker is used to generate jailless version of IPA with one click. The work completed by this software: unpacking IPA, copying plug-ins, deploying resource files, automatically deploying substrate library, modifying dylib dependency, injecting dylib, repacking, making it very easy to make jailless IPA. With this software, it only takes three steps to make the jailless IPA. Frida IOS dump smashes the shell with one key → IPA cracker generates the cracked IPA → IOS app signer re signs.

If the dependent environment dkpg does not use the function of DEB to dylib, dkpg can not be installed. Installation method: install Brew: / usr / bin / Ruby - e "$(curl - fssl" use brew to install dkpg: sudo brew install dpkg



Update Description: 2019-09-03 1.0, initial version 2019-09-03 1.1 fix the problem of dpkg not found 2019-10-16 2.0 optimize deployment and remove dependency

Download address: link: extraction code: gsf5

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