content policy to apply to the 'map' user association

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-17

Google is constantly trying to get information about things around you. Making your experience better is a way to join people on our platform. With that, you can see the lights around or around the world and get information about them. We're trying to complete the work of the third-party associates, and there's the stuff that people want to know about.

We have made the rules applicable to the association of the users in order to confirm that the association of the people The experience of every person is positive and useful. They know from the rules how we're closing the content gathered in different forms, What we have to do with the standard content, and what we have to do with the image or video on Google Platform.

Joint must be the subject of real experiences and information. The detected content was copied, copied or stolen, the abominable language, individual killing, or imprisonment The wrong thing is, all of this is a violation of our policy. If you see any force like that, please tell him.

We have the power to close people's association for a particular career profile and career class so that the collaboration fails Could not close temporary folder: %s removing our policy or service opportunities, And we also have the right to halt or delete accounts that use those rules or conditions wrong.

Please write this in time because we can sometimes change our rules.