scanner: open redirect subdomains scanner

Posted by trammel at 2020-04-17

UPDATED! we add awesomes payloads list by Open redirect Scanner by Ak1t4 - @sxcurity) Use ./ [subdomains.file] [redirect-payload] Example ./ uber.list '//' UPDATE: ((Now is not necessarily indicate the payload we replace we an entire payloads list) this is pretty awesome, now you can run 1 only command who search all subdomains in 1 file and inject unlimited Payloads from payloads.list Use example: skynet-localhost:Sublist3r ak1t4_hax0r$ while read -r line;do python uber.list $line;done < payloads.list Here is a new video PoC with the unlimited payloads -> This is the old video PoC -> Enjoy! @ak1t4