almoda: three young people on social media to upload their own posts (action)

Posted by punzalan at 2020-04-17

Almoda, April 12, 2020, has cost three young people to upload their own posts to social media. The police have spent 15,000 dollars working for three young people.

The police received information on the location of Azim, son of Munshi, Malik Munshi, at the market by Almoda, in social media It was done. which was required by the powerful supervisor for young people.

There he is. The lion's whelp, and the young lion's whelp, and the fat tail, and the great owl, and the young lion's whelp, Successfully uploaded by Dana's own Facebook ID, a postcard that hurts social media.

Both young people were required to remove posts by the President Danya's happiness.

In relation to the three, the North Police officers operated within the base - 52/83, The cost of $1,000 was collected. Commands to monitor the outgoing posts. They have reported that social media and all of them are being marked by these people.