rsa innovation sandbox winners review of 11 years' financing m & a

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RSA innovation sandbox winners review of 11 years' financing M & A

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The annual RSA Conference (USA) is about to be held in San Francisco. In the innovation sandbox selection activity of RSA conference, one of the most innovative companies is selected as the winner from the candidate companies of network security cutting-edge technology. It has been held for 11 years and 11 winners are selected. The 11 innovative companies were either acquired, or successfully IPO, or raised a lot of money.

Let's review the financing and M & A of these 11 innovation sandbox winners.

1. Sourcefire

In 2005, the winner of innovation sandbox provided the next generation network security platform and advanced malware protection services. IPO raised $71 million in 2007 and was acquired by Cisco for $2.7 billion in 2013.

2. Imperva

Winner of innovation sandbox in 2006, providing activity monitoring, real-time protection and risk management of key business applications and business data. IPO raised 90 million US dollars in 2011.

3. Yoggie Security Systems

In 2007, the winner of innovation sandbox, the first behavior based blocking technology, provides a hardware based computer security solution. In 2007, it raised US $2.8 million and was acquired by Cupp computing in 2011.

4. Alert Enterprise

2009 innovation sandbox winner, providing physical and logical security integration services. After that, two rounds of financing reached US $27 million.

5. Altor

2010 innovation sandbox winner to provide the best virtualization and cloud security solutions. It raised $16 million in two rounds and was acquired by juniper in the same year.

6. Invincea

The winner of innovation sandbox in 2011 provides advanced terminal threat detection service, which integrates containerization, threat detection and response. It raised tens of millions of dollars and signed OEM agreements with Dell.

7. Appthority

In 2012, the winner of innovation sandbox provides app risk management services to identify and manage hidden risks in mobile applications. It raised 6.3 million US dollars in that year.

8. Remotium

In 2013, the winner of innovation sandbox provided byod mobile security services. It raised $1 million in that year.

9. Red Owl Analytics

2014 innovation sandbox winner to provide risk monitoring software solutions for investigation and compliance. In the current year, it raised 4.6 million US dollars, with a total amount of 7.5 million US dollars.

10. Waratek

The 2015 innovation sandbox winner, in the data center / hybrid cloud / public cloud, prevents malicious attacks on real-time applications without changing code, agents or network devices.

11. Phantom

In 2016, the winner of innovation sandbox responded to the security threats in the complex network environment and simplified the security operation of the enterprise. The total amount of financing is US $13.5 million.

After checking the winners of these 11 innovation sandboxes, let's take a look at the ten candidate security companies selected in 2017:

1. Baffle

By encrypting the whole process of static and processing data, data leakage can be prevented.

2. Cato Networks

No high-cost hardware deployment is required, and the network boundary is reconstructed in the cloud with closely integrated security devices.

3. Claroty

Based on real-time monitoring to discover operational problems, it provides high visibility to advanced threats and malicious activities.

4. Contrast Security

Through application comparison, the vulnerability can be detected and fixed automatically to realize the self-protection of the program against the attack.

5. Enveil

Based on homomorphic encryption technology, data query and analysis can be realized without displaying interactive content or data itself.

6. GreatHorn

Based on the abnormal behavior detection technology, it provides the security solution of cloud communication platform automation and policy driven.

7. RedLock

Provide continuous monitoring and investigation tools for the security and compliance team, with ease of use and visibility.

8. UnifyID

Using machine learning technology to do unified identity authentication, make memory password become the past.

9. UpLevel

Combined with internal system and external resources, advanced data science is used to aggregate and associate network security data to extract insightful data and provide automation capability for the whole event response cycle.

10. VeriFlow

Protect the stable operation of enterprise network, implement vulnerability detection, and predict network behavior and security events.

Wang Xiao Rui

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