penetration test lab "test lab"

Posted by fierce at 2020-02-25

Penetration testing laboratories "Test lab" emulate an IT infrastructure of real companies and are created for a legal pen testing and improving penetration testing skills. Laboratories are always unique and contain the most recent and known vulnerabilities.  While developing "Test lab" labs we try to cover almost every IT areas: network security, security of OSs and applications. Participants are offered to exploit the variety of vulnerabilities in network components and cryptographic mechanisms, in configurations and code, and also using a human factor. "Test lab" presented as a computer network of virtual companies containing widely distributed misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.Penetration testing in labs is made based on a "grey box" methodology: participants have network infrastructure information in form of schema and a text description.Participants can use different methods of penetration - exploiting network services, web, social engineering, buffer overflow and etc. An integrated approach to the provision of services allows our customers to get rid of all kinds of information security problems: professional training and testing, outsourcing and security analysis, preparation for PCI DSS certification, cybercrime investigation - we are ready to solve any problem related to information security. Among our clients are the largest companies from the IT, telecommunications, banking, financial services, as well as companies that are specialized in e-commerce.It is imperative to keep a high level of service at all stages: the interaction with the customer, creation of technical specifications and the provision of services, rendering of consulting services, document flow. Service must be not only highly qualitative but also convenient for the customer. Demonstrating a high level of expertise, our specialists seek out vulnerabilities in the most secure online resources, demonstrate presentations at international forums, developing an unique penetration test laboratories, where take part experts from all over the world.