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In the last article, "flour" indispensable for making sweets and cooking

I introduced the kind of flour that I can buy in foreign countries and the knack of choosing flour in each application.

Powder powder in English? Explanation of 5 kinds of foreign flour

When I want to burn bread and cake abroad, what kind of powder should I use? Powder and strong powder in English... This time, I will explain about "wheat flour" such overseas.

This time, the powder of flour other than the flour which can be bought in the supermarket of Australia

I think that it will explain in detail even from a familiar thing to a slightly strange thing in Japan.


Here is all gluten free powder. If you are allergic to wheat flour or practicing gluten free diet, please take it into the diet as a substitute for wheat flour.

I think that there is only one thing that can be bought in a country other than Australia.

Japanese nameless flour

Potato starch is potato starch

Katakuriko is an essential ingredient for cooking dishes.

Since it is made from potatoes starch, it is sold as potato starch (potato starch) in foreign countries.


Can't find potato starch! Corn flare (corn flower). Also called corn starch. It is easy to get from the potato starch, so it is easy to obtain.

Rice flour is rice flare

Bread of rice flour is delicious.

In Australia, gluten free food and food are easy to obtain, so you can easily buy rice flour.

It is rice flyer (rice flower).

White onion powder is glutinous rice flour

If you live abroad, white balls, odango, OHI, Daifuku, etc.

Why don't you want to eat the Japanese cake of the rice cake system?

I am able to do handmade in the field.

It was made from glutinous rice in place of shiratakko made from Mochi

Glutinous rice flour (glutinino slice flower).

It is OK to substitute this glutinous rice flyer recipe.

Glutinous means "sticky". Sticky rice flour, glutinous rice flour.

Just because you can't make rice dumpling or Daifuku in rice flower.

Tapioca flour.

The tapioca flower which is indispensable for making the bread of Brazil and pondejjoo of the taste of the cheese and the cheesy feeling.

In the supermarket of Australia, the tapioca powder is sold along with flour and corn starch.

Because it is always overseas, I have different dishes! So why don't you make a pondejjo at home?

In addition, if you add a small amount of bread and cakes, it becomes moist!

I can make that peach.

Almond meal

Almond meal is indispensable for making cookies and cookies. Of course you can buy it overseas.

In Australia, hazelnut meal (hazelnut meal) is sold, and it can be used in the same sense as almond meal.

If you like nutera, it's a ramble flavor.

Like this? Gluten free powder

In immigrant countries Australia, it is also a pleasure point that I can buy the material matched to various cultures.

In the local supermarket, powder made from beans and powder made from vegetables are sold in Japan.

Chick pea flour

Chick pea flower is made from familiar "chick beans" in Japan.

It is common to make a sour pancake for meals, or use it as a tie for making vegetables fritters or patties (like hamburgers).

This recipe is made from canned chickpeas, roasted vegetables and this chick pea flower.

Stir with tomato salsa!

Lentil flour

Lentil flower powder.

Like chick pea flowers, it is common to eat pancakes and cooking.

Because it is mild, it is recommended to use for making sweets.

Bean powder is unique flavor! Easy to eat.

Quinoa flour

It is kinuia of the super hood that is happy when it is in the salad, and the petit feeling is good.

It is kinua flower to make such kinua powder.

It has a bit of unique flavor, but can be used instead of flour for making pancakes such as pancakes, pound cakes and cookies. Of course you can use it for cooking.

Gluten free cakes and rice flour. Recommended for those who use powder.

Polenta flour

Polenta flower made from corn as well as cornflower.

It is characterized by a feeling of grain and the texture of the bottle.

In addition to polenta (corn porridge), a local food in northern Italy

In Australia, eating as a polenta cake is also popular.

It is undoubtedly that the plucking feeling and the flavor taste become sick. So if you look at a cafe, please try it.

It is said that there is also a usage of "making bread instead of bread powder".

Tigernut flour tiger nut flower

The tiger nut flower made from the powder of tiger nuts is bought in the supermarket.

Although it is named tiger nuts, it is not a nut but an African vegetable.

The height of the nutritional value became a topic, and it made the participation of the superb food of the celeb official.

Australia is not concerned with health.

Tiger nut flower is a popular way to substitute flour for cookies or cake making.


Gluten free powder is available at the supermarket in Australia.

Did you have any powder or powder to use?

What is kept at home is



I sometimes buy bread, cakes, and then make sweets.

Gluten free powder is characterized by a lot of food

It becomes a finish that can enjoy the feeling of food such as "Mochi", "sakikake", "putty puff".

If you are living in Australia, or if you are a traveller or a person who lives in another country, and if you live in Japan, please try it.

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