prevent driving and traffic accidents

Posted by tzul at 2020-02-25

When driving, there will be all kinds of emergencies, such as pedestrians, or changing the lane behind, etc., so it is necessary to drive defensively at all times to prevent accidents, From the beginning of driving, it is very important to develop habits, for beginners tips! In this lesson, let's find out how to prevent traffic accidents!

First, when driving, we only focus on driving

The first way to defend driving! When driving, you should pay attention to the front, only focus on driving, operate the radio or talk with other passengers while driving, it will be very dangerous to grab sight. According to the survey results of the US highway traffic safety administration, the front snub is 0.08% alcohol concentration in the blood, There is the same danger as driving. In this case, the accident risk increases with the reduction of vehicle maintenance or emergency response ability. Especially in the driving process, many people don't look at their mobile phones and the front. In South Korea, according to Article 49 No. 10 of the road traffic law, during driving, Do not use mobile phones. If there is any violation, 15 points can be deducted and 60000 won will be fined for the standard car. Please pay attention to the front during driving!

Second, ensure a safe distance

In order to prevent accidents, safety distance should be ensured in advance even if other vehicles or pedestrians have sudden behaviors. On the highway, as the current speedometer figures, safety distance should be maintained, and generally on the road. For example, If you drive at the speed of 70km / h on the general road, except for 55m of 15, and drive at the speed of 80km / h on the highway, you can keep a safe distance of 80m according to the speedometer! In addition, there may be vehicles exceeding the central line, so please drive on the road as far as possible away from the central line for the second time. If there are dangerous vehicles in front with goods that may fall, please ensure a safe distance! What should we do when there is a sudden traffic jam? Turn on the emergency light and tell the car behind you that it's dangerous. Of course, it's not the safest way? Don't just look at the car in front of you and follow it. Look far away and observe the situation in front of 4-5 vehicles before driving.

Third, mutual care and communication

It's also important to give up the order for other vehicles and take care of others. If you go ahead in an emergency mood, you may have an accident. If there are vehicles changing the route, please reduce the speed and create space! It's the same way to cross a road without lights! Don't worry about priority. If you drive with a concession attitude, you can prevent traffic accidents. What should you do when the car behind you is ahead of time? It is safe to move or slow down to the right side of the road.

Fourth, predict and respond in advance

The fourth way to defend driving! Please predict and deal with the road situation in advance! For this reason, it is necessary to often know the surrounding conditions through indoor mirror or side view mirror. Is there any vehicle too close to it, If there are pedestrians who want to cross the road, please always observe the surrounding area. In case of emergency, I must ensure that I can avoid the location. In addition, the bus can change or park the lane for passengers to get on and off, If you can see the bus stop, please change the lane in advance!

Now I can't see without danger, because the road is where many vehicles and walkers use it, so unexpected emergencies may occur. Please often observe the surroundings, and drive defensively with humility! The way to protect the safety of all of us.