through document screen, document bearing box and automatic password, we will officially explore the domestic and foreign security market

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List of documents for pascon 2019. Visitors are being introduced to their document bearing housings and automatic sensors.

In the second half of this year, pascon 2019, the largest exhibition of personal information protection information security information, shows the file of the latest solution, link cloud, to strengthen the professionalism of security software development. In order to enhance the sales of solutions, the wood software software software software company in 2019.

Woodsoft (represented by Yu Zhongxuan) is a special development company for enterprise system construction centered on the financial circle. At present, it has become a professional security SW enterprise. It will be far away from the document cooperation and data management rate of Yuanchuan, and it has produced Korean oil commune, police department, Guangzhou Nordic Department, Daejeon WEL, etc. Dade District Office, South East District Office of Incheon, NH investment securities, KB national card, future three lives and other enterprises and enterprises provided by the authorities.

In addition, the core technology of mutual authentication of smart phones is used to develop patent registration in South Korea and the United States, and through this technology, the solution of "automatic password" is developed, which is provided to main administrative organs and ordinary enterprises. This technology includes fintech Innovation Awards Top 5 in London, finovatel's New York line, Finovate Asia's Hong Kong line, and NTT data data's participation in the Tokyo test finals, etc., including kisa's villa certification platform.

◇ filing box

The file box is the source of the remote island defense to remove the data encryption attack. At the same time, it improves the economy and business convenience. It is a synthetic file sharing disc and security backup for places, public enterprises, financial institutions, etc. that deal with important data.

Once the file box product creates data once, it can only read the worm (write read many) disk later, and cannot delete the original file, and it can be modified in the specified program such as windows browser. Therefore, users can modify or delete files through windows browser as usual, and share and cooperate through files, so as to prevent the security of network attack injury and have the efficiency of not hurting users.

This product is a filingbox Mega product protected by filingbox enterprise products and servers and latent network attacks in operation solved by enterprise with data management. For small-scale companies or groups, the security disk filingbox Mini products in hardware form are also prepared separately.

In particular, filingbox Mega (file box mega) is a device separated from the existing server, which is a defense storage software. In the server where the network disk is provided to the existing server, the server manager can be converted into worm folder or ordinary folder. Through this, the security of server and storage data protection from Long Island and the reuse of storage improve the economy.

◇ autopassword

The password of automatic pass is a password substitution technology that overturns common sense. As long as the user enters the ID in the online service, the user's system and the user's application will prompt the password respectively. If the two passwords are consistent, confirm the user through the correct smartphone It's authentication technology. Automatic pass is a one-time password (OTP) method to create a new password every time. Therefore, it can also be confirmed that it is a normal service that can not steal the network service, and it is not necessary for users to recite or change the password in disgust.

Automatic passing is not a human proof, but a service that puts forward a password first and begins to develop in the turn of proving one's ideas to others. From user password to recognized certificate or biometric authentication and other authentication methods are activated, all the existing authentication methods are correct from the perspective of the service provider. From the user's point of view, whether the service I connect is appropriate. That is, the currently connected network service is a legitimate service or the user of the system cannot confirm.

The automatic sensor is the only authentication technology that you can confirm the service provider before the user enters the authentication information. When the user is allowed to confirm the service, the service can also confirm the user's service. In the automatic password application, it is encrypted as the user OTP value of PKI Send to the service and the service confirms the user. The OTP (one-time password and password) method of creating new password for automatic passing words uses dynamic information. Even if the secret key is seized, the same OTP value cannot be created, providing strong security.

In addition, automatic password access management management management management management management management management management management management procedure is used to set a successful access to a designated position in front of a computer or server used by an enterprise or agency. Instead of using the OS System account to use the system, log in to the computer or server through the service account of the enterprise or authority. Whenever you log in, the passwords of windows and Linux OS are also automatically changed and changed to reports, which alleviates the inconvenience of users who need to change their passwords periodically.

In the motorcycle password, the user can confirm the service password technology of the service provider, the biological authentication technology, the PKI authentication technology, the IP address of the user's connection, and confirm whether the user's authentication technology. It uses various security authentication technologies, such as the forgery technology of mobile application program, and obtains the Fido authentication of international authentication technology standard.

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