march 15, 2012

Posted by millikan at 2020-02-19

It seems that the stars haven't had a day off, all for what we can discuss. What they talk about most is not their creation, but the scandal in their personal life. " "Today, March 15, 2019, all the latest commercial performance news is collected for readers.

"She is natural and easy," Bogomolov said of Sobchak for the first time

Director Constantine bogomorov, the lover of "Ksenia Sobchak", said the host's words for the first time. However, his words only concern the acting genius of the social lion, who has filmed the content of his new program. "

Pogomolov said Sobchak was an actress It is worth noting that he and his ex-wife came to the premiere, the latter also played a role on the tape, and the leading actor entered the hall through the back door.

Peter Russell arranged a luxurious holiday for his young assistant

According to starhit, Evgeni petro set out from 30-year-old Tatyana brukhonov to Dubai as a gift for the anniversary. Reporters found that the couple lived in one of the best hotels, with four open swimming pools, many bars and playgrounds.

The humorist and his young assistant chose a luxury suite, which would cost them their lives, as one cunning reporter calculated, about 200000 rubles for seven days. Interestingly, if Tatyana brukhonov maintains a detailed report on his social networking site instagram, the stay in a luxury resort and, As a way to spend their free time in shops and taverns, Eugene petrosom did not know why he did not publish leisure photos.

Not far from the death of his superiors

Kalashnikov believes that superiors have a chance to recover. According to Anna, many stars perform in China - and so do businesses.

"Julia will be fine! Just yesterday, on Andre malakhov's show, we talked about the state of Yulia. Andre and all our acquaintances believe that she will get better. " Kalashnikov said similar things happened after she gave birth. At the elite clinic where Anna was examined, health standards were not fully adhered to. Star infection.

Udashkin's daughter showed her a picture after giving birth

In the spring of 2018, Galina udashkin became a mother for the second time. Unlike the first pregnancy, Kut ü rier's daughter was able to return to her original form more quickly.

As a result, Valentine's daughter, udashkin, showed off on social networking sites. In a sunny Miami photo, she appears in a Saratov swimsuit, showing a compact figure. Udashkin's heirs also pointed out that she was not fully satisfied with her figure. Galena thinks she's far from perfect. In addition to this picture, the girl also tells about her recovery after birth.

"My - to - length ratio:" the reason Sobchak put the wire size

Once again, instagram's subscribers are happy about the singer. In his poem, Ksenia Sobchak said that Sergei semonov did not play according to the rules. The actor tweeted a poem about her, calling it "shooting control," and then timidly dismissed her. Unfortunately, for singers, anything that goes online will always be there - TV shows succeed in finding a sprint.

Sobchak reminds shoelaces that it's time for those who leave her to do something more enjoyable. " Drink vodka, look out the window, / listen to your old songs, / listen to your songs, / make a movie for tynkov, / abradulso, go eat it. I want to communicate with me, / just like using a knife to rhyme with me, / kissing a young wife, / there is still a lot to do in the world, / which makes famous enemies surround me.

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