2017 baidu security technology selection

Posted by millikan at 2020-02-26

Baidu security initiated the establishment of oases alliance to jointly build intelligent terminal security

Baidu security: AI is a real open security escort for system engineering

There are 143 million credit data leaks from American dual play companies, and the people of the world call for openrasp

Openrasp v0.20 release | performance improvement and zero rule vulnerability detection

Openrasp v0.21 release | drag library detection and data security

Mesalock Linux open source: a Linux distribution with user space memory security

Android TrustZone has a huge vulnerability? The downgrade attack will resolve it for you!

IOS is also insecure? High risk vulnerabilities threaten nearly half of Apple fans

Uncover secret: two A4 paper break iris, face recognition, baidu security technology how to do?

In depth analysis: the collapse of mobile phone fingerprint Maginot defense line


Vulnerability analysis and research

Baidu security lab was officially acknowledged by Microsoft to help it find and fix bugs

Discovery and utilization of ie11 type confusion vulnerability

Just now, ofo bike sharing has been cracked again! How does Baidu security technology do it?

Meltdown & spectrum attack and mitigation measures (1)

Meltdown & spectrum attacks and mitigation measures (2)


Security and privacy protection of AI and big data

Privacy protection in the era of big data

Privacy protection in the era of big data (2)

Baidu appears in idash to promote the application of privacy protection in the field of human genome analysis

Baidu Security Lab | machine learning adversary attack Report

Will your digital signature be broken? -- attack and defense of security hash

Overview of SGX side channel attacks

Rule SGX SDK v0.2.0 released | 31gb memory support

First SGX SDK v0.9.0 release | it is no longer difficult to migrate the first program to SGX!

Release of rule SGX SDK v0.9.1 | machine learning in SGX is very simple

Application trilogy of AI technology in security field


Study on the antagonism of black production

Data security: drag base of black production research

Baidu security lab is a little busy in cracking down on illegal production

Crack down on fake base station fraud, break through Baidu security, assist the police to break the whole chain of illegal production

Baidu security, together with Haidian police's "action of filter screen", launched a heavy attack on the chain of black production

Please be alert to the new trend of illegal production: intruding into the website and implanting the malicious code of mining

Baidu security | case analysis of spreading fake Baidu APK through DNS hijacking

Meihua K attack - browser Back hijacking

Apt attack weapon - word vulnerability cve-2016-7193 principle disclosure

Go against the sky - how do we discover botnets in the cloud

Baidu Security Lab | payment security can not say those things


Enterprise safety construction

How to resist DDoS attack from the perspective of Party A

Basic safety construction of enterprise safety construction

How to get business and management support for enterprise security construction

Link: Aid = 149


Papers of Big4 international top academic conference

*In order to improve the reading experience, please refer to the 2017 Baidu security technology selection PDF document

How to Learn Klingon Without a Dictionary:Detection and Measurement of Black Keywords Used by Underground Economy

POSTER:Rust SGX SDK:Towards Memory Safety in Intel SGX Enclave

FBS-Radar:Uncovering Fake Base Stations at Scale in the Wild

Secure and Efficient Software-based Attestation for Industrial Control Devices with ARM Processors

Adaptive Android Kernel Live Patching

TaintART:A Practical Multi-level Information-Flow Tracking System for Android RunTime

Baidu security appeared in USENIX security and won the back-to-back Grand Slam of "Big4" network security