the iso 2.0 standard has been finally approved by the national safety standards committee and will be issued soon

Posted by barello at 2020-02-27

Hello, wait for the dry goods time, e xiao'an to broadcast!

In recent days, I feel that everyone has been busy placing orders and refunding orders for double 11, and I don't have time to come here to make a card and leave a footprint. Fortunately, double 11 has passed, and we are slowly back on track.

The long-awaited equal protection 2.0 standard will be issued soon

On November 9, the 2018 Hefei cybersecurity conference themed "active security escort digital future" was successfully held, with government guests from the Ministry of public security, the National Information Center, the Hefei municipal government and the Hefei high tech Zone; Academia such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering, the national innovation and Development Strategy Research Institute, the Cyberspace Security Institute of the University of science and technology, the Israel cloud security alliance, IDC, etc Work together with authoritative experts from leading institutions in the industry and senior leaders of relevant enterprises to discuss the challenges, opportunities and transformation direction of network security industry in the process of digital transformation.

Guo Qiquan, chief engineer of the 11th Bureau of the Ministry of public security, talked about the latest situation of equal protection at the technical forum:

1、 The ISO 2.0 standard has been finally approved by the national safety standards committee and will be issued soon.

2、 As for the requirement of equal guarantee and credible computing, it is OK, not should.

Finally, five important work contents are emphasized:

1. Hierarchical protection system;

2. Notification and early warning mechanism;

3. Key infrastructure protection;

4. Situation awareness platform;

5. Personnel training. The goal is to deal with cyberwar.

ISO 2.0 has not been officially released since the approval draft at the end of last year. It has not come out. Now, my friends and e Xiaoan are going to learn about level protection 2.0 again through the following pictures. In short, I hope the level protection 2.0 standard can be released as soon as possible after this conference~~