download santoku linux

Posted by lipsius at 2020-02-27

Santoku Community Edition runs in the lightweight Lubuntu Linux distro. It can be run in VirtualBox (recommended) or VMWare Player, both available free and run on Linux, Mac or Windows. The Lubuntu download is large because it is a full .iso. We recommend you download on a fast connection. Santoku Linux 0.5 is a 64-bit OS and will only work with 64-bit hardware and software Santoku Community Edition – Free Download Download the ISO: Santoku-Linux is available through SourceForge as both a full 2.5GB .iso download as well as a torrent of the .iso. santoku_0.5.iso:md5 – c2dcab27e6444730acc9bc351f34e543sha1 – 4d39adc01c443ac24a53a33f0ac077980d77c1fe Build from Lubuntu Additionally, instead of downloading the full .iso you can download Lubuntu and update your OS with the new Santoku packages. The Santoku 0.5 requires a Lubuntu 14.04 64-bit install (you can make a VM in Virtualbox) which is then updated with the Santoku package repository. 1. Download the Lubuntu 14.04 x64 iso using links below and install up your Linux system/VM. Download Lubuntu 14.04 64-bit: (HTTP | Torrent) 2. Apply updates in Lubuntu. (This will take some time.) Restart. 3. Download this build script directly on your Lubuntu install, rename it to just .sh extension and make it executable. 4. Open a terminal and run the script. (Or, to exercise your Linux-fu, type the commands.) Santoku-05 View changelog