plaguescanner/plaguescanner: open source multiple av scanner framework

Posted by lipsius at 2020-02-27

PlagueScanner is a multiple AV scanner framework for orchestrating a group of individual AV scanners into one contiguous scanner. There are two basic components in this initial release: Core and Agents. All PlagueScanner components have the following dependencies: Python3: ZeroMQ: pyzmq: The Agents have the following additional dependency: Requests: And the Core has the following dependency. Web Server (NGINX recommended): In the same directory as each .py file, there needs to be a config file with the following format.

[PlagueScanner] IP = Port = 5556 OutboundSamplesDir = /usr/local/www/plaguescanner [ClamAV] IP = [ESET] IP = [Bitdefender] IP = $ ./ sample.exe