gossip, "pm four piece set"

Posted by tetley at 2020-02-27

I chatted with one of my colleagues and got to know a strange problem recently called PM four piece set.

After a joke, I smoked a cigarette and said, "product managers should use less or even try not to use PPT, Excel, paper and pen, and keep training mouth.". "

1. Less or no ppt

Always feel that people who use PPT can't avoid falling into the strange circle of form greater than content. Of course, there are no mistakes in the tool itself, but the user of the tool can't restrain himself.

At the same time, I firmly believe that I am a person who can not control myself well, so I choose to use less or even no PPT.

(using keynote for interaction is another high-powered and efficient way to play, another way to say)

2. Make good use of Excel

Speaking of this sentence, some people will think about the importance of data at the first time. It's not like that. It's not the point I want to express.

I have expressed a view about how to write the requirements document, and I said that we should use a better way to consider both reading and operation at the same time. What's the meaning? That is to say, the R & D personnel can directly develop while comparing your requirements documents, instead of browsing here for half a day, then browsing to another place, and then developing again, which will be inefficient.

Similarly, excel is the best way to describe a thing from multiple dimensions.

For example, Gantt chart is the best way to express a plan. Similarly, the list of requirements can also be expressed in Excel.

When you need to describe a thing from multiple dimensions, or divide some things into multiple dimensions for presentation, try excel.

3. Common paper and pen

In the product manager industry, a topic that is always discussed is what to use to draw prototypes.

When I was young, I tried countless tools. Finally, I returned to paper and pen.

It is not efficient enough to input the ideas in mind into the computer. Compared with that, it is more efficient and less limited to output directly through paper and pen.

I always dream that there will be a hardware only one, which can be written directly on paper, and then synchronized to the computer, so that seamless connection can be achieved, which is cool enough.

4. Continuous training mouth

Persuasion and expression skills are the most important external expression of the role of product manager. I observed that many times our communication is very inefficient, and the root cause is the problem of expression.

I don't know how to express a thing in a good way, and then we will discuss and discuss it. It's hard to discuss it until we find that maybe what we talked about for a long time is not a thing.

Expression is telling stories, but it's a pity that many of the stories we tell are too boring.

Here, the book pyramid principle is recommended again.