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Posted by millikan at 2020-02-27

What is machine learning? What can machine learning do?

Recently, I had dinner with a couple who asked me what my career was and I replied, "machine learning." The wife turned to her husband and asked, "honey, what is machine learning?" Her husband replied, "T-800 terminator." In the terminator series, the T-800 is the reverse model project of artificial intelligence technology. However, this friend's understanding of machine learning is still biased ...

Published on April 24, 2013

Written before the launch of machine learning practice

Editor's note: we are looking forward to the printing of "machine learning practice", which is expected to be available in early June. Before that, there was a micro blog, with a forwarding volume of more than 600. Today, we have determined the listing information and immediately sent out a message to share with you. How to translate the machine learning algorithm described by mathematical matrix into practical application program is the main purpose of this book. This book uses Python language for programming, hoping that ...

Why to choose Python language to implement machine learning algorithm

Based on the following three reasons, we choose Python as the programming language to implement machine learning algorithm: (1) Python has clear syntax; (2) it is easy to operate plain text files; (3) it is widely used and has a large number of development documents. Executable pseudocode Python has a clear syntax structure, which is also called executable pseudocode ...

How to become a data scientist (Turing interview)

Peter Harrington, with a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering, has worked at Intel Corporation in California and China for seven years. Peter has five U.S. patents and published in three academic journals. He is currently the chief scientist of Hg data. If linedin tracks business transactions between people, Hg data is dedicated to mining companies ...

Sister Pan Pan published on September 23, 2013

How to become a data scientist (Turing interview)

Sister Pan Pan published on September 23, 2013

Interview with the author of machine learning practice

Miss Pan Pan published on August 7, 2013

The beginning of machine learning practice

Original address: [night star] [1] at the beginning of machine learning practice, I first said something out of the question. Last weekend, I went to Hangzhou to participate in Alibaba's ADC technology Carnival 2013. I felt that Alibaba's big data can only be used incisively and vividly without mentioning Niubi. People have user resources. I'm sorry that so much wealth is not fully exploited. I'm sorry that GJ is more sorry, During the period of catching Turing discount ...

Zifeng published on July 26, 2013

Programming with Python compiler environment of visual studio 2015

Since vs2013, Microsoft has integrated Python compiling environment in vs. recently, reading the book "machine learning practice", we found that Python compiling environment is necessary, but the original version of Python 2.7 is a bit too cumbersome to use. It's uncomfortable to see DOS like operation interface. Looking up some third-party ide data, I saw the more familiar vs2015 (actually ...

Python string operations common functions

1、 String basic operation string is a kind of sequence. All sequences have the following basic operations: 1. Len(): find the sequence length 2. In: judge whether the element exists in the sequence 3. Max(): return the maximum value 4. Min(): return the minimum value 5. CMP (STR1, STR2): compare whether the two sequence values are the same 6. Ord() ...

Zhang Xiaoming, published on May 27, 2017