18% of block chain developers focus on the ethernet. development of small projects - "only six projects with increased number of developers"

Posted by tzul at 2020-02-18

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Censys released a survey on the development of the block chain on August 21. Analysis was conducted by electrirrc capital. The change of the block chain project between 2018 and 2019 is the direction of selection. While developers decreased from weak projects, major projects such as bitcoin and Ethereum increased full-time developers. The scale of the block chain project is approaching a popular open source project such as Apache.

The number of developers in June 2019 is decreasing by 10% compared with the previous year. 80% of the reduction accounts for part time developers whose monthly commit number is less than 10. On the other hand, full-time developers who commit code more than 10 times a month have reported 13% increase over the previous year.

Full time developers increased 13% in 2018. The part-time developer committs several times a month to reduce code by 18%. Only once a month has decreased the developer by 30 percent

The decline in developers declined by 19 percent, particularly in the market, with a market value of less than 100. Projects within 100 have included 50% of total developers, with a decline of only 4 per cent. The main project is to continue development without changing its position. Smart contracts, infrastructure and defi were the main ones to acquire full-time developers.

Bitcoin's developer is stable. In the middle of 2018 to the early 2020s, the number of developers remained slightly lower and continued to hold 300 people.

Ethereum, the largest developer of all projects, maintained the previous year in the number of developers. But Ethereum did not change in number, but full-time developers increased by 34 per cent and actual human resources increased significantly. Currently, all open source block chain projects are centered on Ethereum.

Ethereum increases the number of full-time developers and the reduction of part-time developers

Among the active projects with a fixed scale, there are only six projects that developers increase. The biggest increase is maker to provide a stable coin Dai in the defi field. Another report has reported that defi's rapid growth has been reported and the market size has been around $200 million over the past year. It expands more than twice. The core is maker, and more than 90% of the real estate is occupied by a maker centered platform. Maker itself had a small number of developers, and increased by 80.68% by 27.8 people.

The basic attention token, ripple, which is the token of the block chain browser brave, is good and the number of developers is increasing. Stellar lumens and iota also reduce the number of developers to less than 10% and maintain the status quo.

A significant decrease in the number of developers is bitcoin cash, Neo and Tron. He lost about 30 percent of the developers. The largest number of developers in the real number was EOS.

A significant scale of active projects has only 6 developers increased

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