the more 100g data is leaked from sony pictures, the more ceo appeases employees, the more hacker attacks will not destroy us

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Sony Pictures CEO reassures employees that hacker attacks will not defeat us

After hackers hacked Sony's servers and leaked a large number of private e-mails, Sony executives vowed to reassure employees that they would surely recover from the huge network attack. Michael Lynton, Sony's CEO and chairman, held an internal meeting in the company's Calvert City office. Lynton told staff that the FBI's "highest level" department had also launched an investigation into the attack and appreciated the cohesion shown by the staff during this period. It is understood that today's meeting was originally scheduled to take place on Friday. Later, due to weather reasons, it was postponed to now. The number of participants in the meeting was so large that some even stood outside the first venue. According to vanity fair, New York employees had planned to attend the conference remotely, but had to stop because of technical problems. Vice President Amy Pascal held a separate private meeting to address the growing concerns of employees about potential threats to cybersecurity.

The script of the latest 007 film spectrum is exposed

Hackers seem to have a deep feud with Sony Pictures. After exposing a lot of upcoming films and sensitive materials of 100g company, they released the script of the latest 007 series "spectre".

On Saturday, James Bond filmmakers found themselves the victims of a series of hacking attacks.

In addition, the James Bond film producers (eon productions, UK) also issued a statement, saying that the script is protected by UK copyright law, and issued a warning to third parties who may receive, steal or publish the content of the script.

Spectre, starring Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig, was originally scheduled to be released on November 6, 2015.

Follow up documents leaked by hackers

The first wave of 27g data was released by the security pulse before < GOP re amplification, 27GB Sony data was leaked >, now continue to update the other 7 data,

SPE_01 spe_01 torrent


SPE_02 spe_02 torrent


SPE_03 spe_03 torrent


SPE_04 spe_04 torrent


SPE_05 spe_05 torrent


SPE_06 spe_06 torrent


SPE_07 spe_07 torrent


SPE_08 spe_08 torrent (password: diespe135)


SPE 05 seems to be suspended, SPE 07 is to supplement SPE 05; the unified password is diespe123, except that 08 is diespe135

Relevant context:

The following part is from Metasploit WeChat official account.

November 21: anonymous hackers sent a warning email to Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton and other executives, saying that Sony Pictures would be "greatly damaged" and that if Sony Pictures did not pay as required, the company would be "hit as a whole".

November 24: Sony Pictures' computers display "GOP intrusion" information. The attackers threaten to release the stolen data if their requirements are not met before 11:00 p.m. GMT. It's not clear what the hackers are asking for, but they didn't release the data immediately after the deadline.

November 28: Sony Pictures believes hackers are from North Korea, according to recode, and seeks evidence for this.

November 29: according to variety, Sony Pictures' blackout may have something to do with the movie the interview that describes Seth Rogen's assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Reuters once reported that North Korea threatened Sony Pictures. If Sony released the film, North Korea would take "merciless countermeasures".

December 1: Sony Pictures has been attacked by hackers, and the seeds of four films that have not yet been released appear on popular file sharing websites. The four films are Annie, Mr. Turner, still Alice and to write love on her arms. SONY had planned to release the films in 2015. Sony Pictures began working with the FBI to find attackers.

December 2: the first batch of Sony Pictures internal data leaked by GOP appeared on the text sharing website. The leaked data is the financial information of Sony Pictures employees, including the salaries of many senior executives.

December 3: the second batch of data leaked by GOP appeared on the text sharing website. The data includes Sony's plaintext passwords, as well as the company's security certificates and other certificates. According to reports, the figures also include the pay of Deloitte employees.

December 5: the attacker threatened Sony Pictures employees by email, but GOP later released another batch of data and denied threatening the sender of the email.

December 7: North Korean officials deny that North Korea is connected with the hacker attacks on Sony Pictures, but praise the hackers. Sony released an internal memo saying the attack was "unprecedented and unique" and "enough to alert the FBI to other agencies."

Bloomberg reported that the FBI had identified the attacks as originating from a Bangkok Hotel, but could not determine whether the attackers were hotel guests or simply using the hotel's public WiFi.

"The interview" actors Seth Logan and James Franco appeared in a TV interview program, laughing at hackers who attacked Sony Pictures.

December 8: hackers release new data, including actor brat Pitt's phone number, as well as aliases used by celebrities to conceal their identities.

December 9: hackers attacked the target computer through malware containing the security certificate leaked by Sony Pictures. The hackers warned Sony Pictures, "we're sending you our warning again," and "stop showing terrorist films immediately." The FBI denied that the attack was related to North Korea.

The email of Sony Pictures executives has also been leaked. Some of these emails have attracted media attention due to their connection with the cancelled biography of Steve jobs.

December 10: Sony Pictures has reportedly created Fake Movie "seeds" to prevent users from downloading the leaked movie seeds.

December 11: Despite the verge report, Sony Pictures suffered a secret attack from hackers in February this year.

December 12: according to fusion R, users downloading Sony Pictures' data may cause the FBI to visit. Sony Pictures knew its flaws in cybersecurity before the attack, according to recode.

December 13: it is reported that Sony Pictures will cancel the shooting of the interview. Hackers released a batch of bigger new data on the same day, and promised to send a bigger "Christmas gift".

December 14: the script of the latest 007 film spectrum is exposed

December 15: the CEO of Sony Pictures held various employee conferences, saying that hacker attacks will not crush us, and appeasing employees' concerns about cyber attacks.

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