core book list of web security

Posted by fierce at 2020-02-27


[information security]

1. Introduction to information security

2. Applied cryptography, Tsinghua University Press

3. Applied cryptography protocol, algorithm and source program, China Machine Press

3. Information hiding technology related

4. Social engineering portfolio 2

[network attack and Defense]

Reference books:

1. Network attack and defense technology, China Machine Press

2. Hacker exposure: network security secrets and solutions, Tsinghua University Press

3. Hacker Dictionary (Chinese term) & Hacker Dictionary (English term)


[basic knowledge]


1) Beauty of mathematics Wu Jun

2) What is the basic research of mathematics on thought and method? Fudan University Press

3) Mathematical methods in information security, Tsinghua University Press

4) Mathematics of programmers

5) Linear algebra is the best

6) Probability and statistics, just find the reliable one

Documentation, graphics and Design:

0. Proficient in word, PPT and excel

1. The simplest graphics and the most complicated information, Zhejiang People's Publishing House

2. Photoshop CS6 self study course


1. Level 6 vocabulary + senior high school English grammar

2. Read professional English literature and become familiar with it after reading more

Data structure and algorithm:

Algorithm: C language implementation (Part 1-4): basic knowledge, data structure, sorting and search, China Machine Press


[web security]

Reference books:

0. [owasp_top10] familiar with and understand the top 10 vulnerabilities

1. "White hat talks about web security" Wu Hanqing

2. Hacker exposure: Web application security, China Machine Press

3. Secrets of web front end hacker technology, electronic industry press

4. Web dilemma: a guide to the safety of modern web applications, China Machine Press

5. XSS Cross Station script: attack analysis and defense, people's post and Telecommunications Press

6. Web application vulnerability detection and defense, China Machine Press

7. Master script hacker

[infiltration technology]

Reference books:

1. "Hacker attack and defense technology Treasure Book Web practical chapter" people's post and Telecommunications Press

2. Analysis of Web penetration technology and practical cases, electronic industry press

3、《The Hacker Playbook:Practical Guide To Penetration Testing》

4. "Idiot hacker" series hacker X Files

5. "Senior hackers penetrate inside answers" is not safe

6. Notes on hackers' penetration: unsafe

7. Various video tutorials

[other safety technologies]

1. Buffer overflow version Q

2. Encryption and decryption, electronic industry press


[web R & D technology]


1. Python core programming, people's post and Telecommunications Press

2. Python 2.7 development documentation

3. Python learning notes 2nd edition.pdf

Front end:

1. Crazy HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript handout, electronic industry press

2. JQuery sharp, people's post and Telecommunications Press


4. Advanced JavaScript programming, 3rd Edition, people's post and Telecommunications Press



1、 PHP and MySQL Web development, China Machine Press

2. PHP and MySQL programming, people's post and Telecommunications Press

3. Official PHP documentation

4. Practical assault: integration of PHP project development cases, electronic industry press


Basic computer science

1. It's OK to find a reliable textbook of "digital circuit" school, which will not be described in detail below

2. Principles of Microcomputers

3. Fundamentals of university computer

4. Operating system

5. Introduction to software engineering

6. Deep understanding of computer operating system

7. In depth understanding of Windows operating system, electronic industry press

[computer network] can sort out the protocol relationship, dependency relationship and application scenario of each layer of TPC / IP from bottom to top.

1. Computer network Xie Xiren

2. Illustration TCP / IP

3. TCP / IP details (Volume I)

3. TCP / IP details (Volume III)

3. TCP / IP details (Volume II)


1. "Brother bird's Linux private dishes: basic learning"

2. "Brother bird's Linux private dishes: server setup"

Database technology

1. Just find a reliable database principle

2. High performance mysql

3. Official MySQL documents

[system R & D technology]


1. Assembly language Wang Shuang

C / C + + Development:

1. "C program design" and exercise guidance Tan Haoqiang

2. "C + + Programming" and exercises tutoring Tan Haoqiang

3. C programming language (version 2) and exercise guidance

4. C + + programming language (Special Edition · 10th anniversary Chinese Edition) and exercise guidance

5. In depth explanation of VC + +, Sun Xin

6. MFC in depth

7. In depth experience VC + + project development (development diary)

8. Windows programming, Tsinghua University Press

9. Windows core programming, Tsinghua University Press

Java and Android:

1. Crazy Java handout

2. Crazy Android handout


[it related extracurricular reading materials]

1. Mactalk life metaprogramming

2. Geek and team

3. Top of the wave

4. Biography of jobs

[hacker extracurricular books]

1. Hackers

2. Hackers and painters >

3. The art of deception

4. The art of invasion

[other recommended extracurricular readings]

1. Dark time

2. Time as a friend

3. The secret of the book of changes