let's stick to 100 days to develop time management habits

Posted by deaguero at 2020-02-27

The day before yesterday, I launched a 100 day activity on wechat to share with you again on blog. I hope you will not become a reader but an actor. My goal is to make blog and wechat really help you, rather than make the article good and worth reading.

There are two small donation buttons added to Blog and the tail of the article. One is Paypal, the other is Alipay. If you think my articles are helpful to you, you are welcome to contribute.

The official account (read01) has been in existence for 256 days since 2012, 09 to 13. It has always been my share. Everyone reads, the biggest problem is that you seldom go to real action. Now we are launching an action to let everyone join in.

I like Cai Zhizhong's words very much: life is like walking on a ladder, each step has its own difficulties. Unable to overcome the difficulties, no matter how hard we try, we can only jump in place and make no progress

I hope this wechat and blog will help you, not just reading

I am an expert in time management. I can tell you the two most practical ways of primary time management: tomato working method and completing three things in the most energetic time.

This plan is to stick to it for 100 days from tomorrow, make some records every day, and give regular feedback, which can be done on wechat, Weibo or blog, You can use the label of "100 days of action". If you have done it, you can cultivate a new habit and participate in another activity. If you haven't done it, you must participate. When you insist on it for 100 days, it will have an impact on your life. This is the starting point of all:


1. Adhere to three tomato working methods every day and do only one thing at a time.

2. Finish the three most important things in the day's work before 10:30 every morning. What can you decide in the morning?

3. Dream tomato: use at least one tomato time every day to complete your dream, important but not urgent or things you always want to do without action, such as learning new skills, sports, foreign languages, reading. Do it yourself.

One of the three must be selected, recorded every day and summarized every week. It's best to use software like notes on your phone to record.

Add a voluntary rule: if you are willing, please donate 1 yuan to me when you fail. The standard of failure is that you fail to complete the plan for two consecutive days.

Tomato working method: the simplest way is to work for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. If you have time to search for a free e-book or buy a tomato working diagram, you can read the following articles if you are impatient:

Don't be a spectator or an actor. These 100 days will definitely change you.

I'm also cultivating a new habit jogging. Now I've been practicing jogging for 20 days, 30 minutes a day, about 4 kilometers. The current harvest is to lose 6 Jin of weight. I believe we can finish 100 days. Let's come together.

Explain the action:

1. Why 100 days, not 21 days to develop a habit?

For the vast majority of habits, 21 days is not enough. It usually takes about 2-3 months to really become a habit. Some habits take longer. If you can persist in 100 days, these habits will have an impact on your life

2. Remember one rule and try to do one thing at a time

I know too many people don't think so. They always think of starting several habits at the same time. The more things they start to do at the same time, the more likely they are to fail. One habit at a time is the fastest way to cultivate habits.

Don't object to you cultivating several habits at once, such as sports, foreign language, music, etc., you can insist on doing it yourself, but remember that when you fail, you fail to achieve the goal for two consecutive days, please remember to abide by this rule, only insist on one, and then start again

3. Can't you stop every day for 100 consecutive days?

No, it's really great if you can stick with it for 100 days in a row. But believe me, soon after you cultivate your habits, you will find that all kinds of accidents will interrupt your plan and make it impossible for you to carry on.

This habit is to make you change yourself. Even if you fail occasionally, don't give up. Record the reasons for failure, the number of days to persist, think about how to change next time, and then start again. See how many times you failed from the first day to the 100th.

4. It must be recorded in any way

Even the simplest records must be recorded. Note taking software and time management software on handwriting, PC and mobile phone can be used. As long as you stick to it, you'll find that a few minutes of record every day is very useful. In case of failure, you must record the reason, think of a solution, and then start again

The simplest daily account will also be useful. Several things and tomato clocks are completed in a day. It's used to know how many days we stick to, which day we fail, and which part we can improve better. Don't dream of climbing to the sky step by step, but we can move forward one step at a time.

5. Whether it's success or failure, please share with me

You are welcome to share your success and failure with me. What impact and changes have been made to you will be shared with you regularly on wechat or blog

I want to make changes to the people who read this wechat and blog so that you can be better, rather than just reading. I hope to see more people tell me that I have persisted for 100 days and become better.

6. Why not GTD, but tomato work and three things a day

I believe that GTD is too hard for beginners, and the rules are complicated. The two methods I choose now are the most effective and convenient of all time management habits. If you can stick to it for 100 days, time management will be introduced. You are welcome to learn more

7. Why do you finish three things before 10:30 in the morning?

Because 10:30 in the morning is the golden time of the day, we need to know that people's attention and willpower are as limited as strength, and will continue to be consumed. When we get to bed before 10:30, we have the most energy. For many top 500 financial directors, the most efficient time of the day is half an hour after work

8. About tomato working method

The principle of tomato working method is to do only one thing in 25 minutes, but if it is a few unimportant little things, they can be combined into one tomato time. One thing is more than one tomato. It can be broken down into several tomatoes.

Other key points:

I hope you can find time to read the tomato work method and learn more about this method. See how many tomatoes you can finish in a week, and don't use them for entertainment or family time.

9. Dream tomato

If you choose to dream of tomatoes, choose one thing you always want to do. Start with persistence, take out a tomato time every day, and stick to it.

I can always hear someone tell me something can't go on.

To be honest, you may feel from your heart that this matter is not particularly important, just want to be so good is not necessary. When you feel from your heart that yoga will make me better in body, temperament, health and chance to meet a better partner, this is my top priority. You will give up other excuses and try your best to do it. As long as you stick to it for two or three months, it will become a habit

10. Share the action and get more people involved

You can share this article and the previous one with more people, let your friends, classmates and colleagues act together, let this action change you, and act now.

I hope one day when I meet you, you tell me that you have persisted for 100 days and cultivated a new habit to make you better.

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