safety guest 2017 quarterly - issue 4, let's talk about scale this time

Posted by punzalan at 2020-02-27

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At the end of the paper, the list of winners + Fu! Li! Live! Move!

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At the beginning of 2017, as soon as the first edition of safeguest's electronic annual was published, there was an upsurge of reading in the security circle! Safe guest 2016 won the first battle, with a good result of over 70000 downloads. In April of the same year, the first quarter of 2017 was officially launched; in July, the second quarter of 2017 was launched; in October, the third quarter of 2017 was launched. With the release of the third quarter, more and more colleagues in the industry have recognized and supported the quarterly safety magazine, and the number of partners has increased to 143, covering all kinds of platforms in the safety circle. Today, safe guest quarterly has included 22 platforms and 32 articles. Over the past three quarters, more than 230000 safe e-books have been downloaded.

It has been said that even in today's unprecedented prosperity of the security market, the most effective means of protection is still not to deploy the most advanced and the largest number of security equipment, but to have a group of "hackers" who are proficient in attack and defense technology, which explains exactly this truth. In the security confrontation, "human" plays different roles, whether it is the attacker or the victim, or the Party B providing services and the protected Party A, etc. It is such a process of confrontation between "human" and "human", using skills, knowledge and other means that people are constantly reinterpreting security together.

Throughout the ages, the road of human progress has changed from muddy and rugged to smooth, and the wheel of history has been rolling forward continuously, resulting in a series of problems that make people pay more and more attention to safety. The essence of safety is the intellectual confrontation between people. Safety problems are all born of people, and it is necessary to tie the bell to get rid of the bell. The theme of 2017 quarterly issue 4 of safety guest is "people are the yardstick of safety".

On January 9, 2017 quarterly issue 4 of safe guest will be launched again. We always adhere to the strict quality control of articles, and only hope to bring the best dry goods for safe lovers! From 10:00 on January 9 to 18:00 on January 11, we will release 1300 customized gifts.

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Highlights of the Quarterly

Highlight 1: grasp the pulse of current technology

Security guest 2017 Quarterly - the 4th issue contains dozens of excellent technical articles, covering the four most important security events in the fourth quarter as well as quarterly hot topics such as security research, vulnerability analysis, Trojan horse event and security operation. You can't miss them!

Highlight 2: rich article source platform

360 Tianyan, 360 Tianma, 360cert, baidu Security Lab, bath guangnian lab, 360 team SERI0US, 360 meshfire team, shadowfighter lab, Changting technology, 360gearteam, 360 Vulpecker, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper, 360 security guards and other 13 security teams, and thin kart dancing, ice blade -suezi, lorexxar, n1nty, zsx, Yue Liang, JoyChou, Tony, Liao Xinxi, Yin Yanbing, Yang and other technical blog and WeChat official account of quality technical articles, finally gathered into the fourth season of safety guest quarterly.

Highlight 3: rich customized gifts

Every time the quarterly goes online, we will prepare rich customized gifts for our small partners. This time, of course, it is no exception. We have prepared more than 1000 gifts together with our partners. Don't say you can't rob them~

At 10:00 on January 9, the event was released on time. Are you ready?

Quarterly activities

Time: 10:00 on January 9 - 18:00 on January 11

Download address of new app: (please upgrade app to the latest version v3.0.1)

Participation mode:

1. Update the latest version of security app and log in the account

2. Open the app to download and read the Quarterly

Note: to complete the above two steps, it is possible to capture thousands of customized gifts sent by partners and security customers together!

One prize for one person, if there is any illegal behavior such as "gift brushing", once verified, the gift will not be sent. Users can pick up the gift by clicking the gift box in the lower right corner to fill in the winning information.

If you have any questions about this activity, please contact the staff: 010-52447914 (working day 10:00-19:00), email: [email protected]


The security guest hereby expresses deep thanks to the cooperation platform, cooperation company, cooperation media, cooperation team and cooperation security meeting that have contributed to the article screening, editing and dissemination of this book!

We would like to thank the following partners for all the gifts for this quarterly event~

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At the same time, I would like to thank the volunteer editors who personally participated in the editing of the quarterly security guest. They are ray Roy, 77caikiki and eridanus96. Finally, I would like to thank all the staff behind the scenes who edited this book into a volume! We will adhere to the belief of spreading safe voice with ideas, strive for perfection and strive to become a better safety media!

Winning list

Gifts for this activity range from dolls to customized T-shirts, from data lines to mobile phones, from mobile power supplies to electronic alarm clocks, from multi-functional sockets to induction lights, from bricks to tea, from backpacks to rice (yes, it's rice), with rich categories. Due to the large number of people participating in the lottery, we have distributed them in batches, so please wait patiently for the winning partner, who is lining up to fly to you~

Now we will publish the winning list of this activity for you to find out:

The address and contact information of some small partners in this activity are incomplete or missing, so if you have any questions, please contact us at any time ~ the staff will inquire for you.

Tel: 010-52447914 (working day 10:00-19:00)

Contact email: [email protected]


Password: mjv7

Click download to read safe guest 2017 Quarterly - Issue 4

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It's time for self willed welfare. Who makes us love deeply? The successful conclusion of this quarterly safety guest activity is inseparable from the support of our fans and partners. So even though the winning list has been announced, we still need to send a little thought to send mysterious dolls to you~~

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