china vpn security wall strategy, the best use of paid vpn.

Posted by trammel at 2020-02-27

This paper recommends VPN wall climbing software that can be used in China, and introduces the method of proxy wall climbing by the way: SSR building, etc. It is recommended that Chinese users prefer express VPN to turn over the wall and use SSR as backup.

The wall is not that high

Domestic Netizens feel that the wall is very high. In fact, it is not difficult to use VPN or SSR to climb over the wall every year except for a few periods. Although it is not particularly easy to talk about it, after all, it takes time and money to buy VPN or build SSR. Many people think it's difficult to climb over the wall, probably for several reasons. First of all, I don't want to spend money. I look for free things all day, free VPN, free SSR node sharing. There are many free things, and some of them can be used. But almost all free services are difficult or unavailable in the end. The vast majority of free VPN or SSR nodes can be searched on the public network at any time. You can see them on the wall. Most of them are very short-lived. Secondly, the paranoia of netizens who know a little bit of technology thinks that what they set up is the best, and they don't believe in more professional third-party payment services. Many people in China use hosts in Hong Kong, Japan and other places to set up SSR, many of which are used stably, but many of them are blocked and have to change IP and host. So they find it hard to climb over the wall.

In fact, I only need to prepare one or two tools to climb over the wall. For example, I have been preparing expressvpn and SSR for several years. Except for a few sensitive periods when both of them are hung up, I can basically guarantee 100% success rate of turning over the wall in the rest of the time. Most of the time, I use expressvpn. Although there will be several disconnection and reconnection every day, I seldom encounter the situation that I can't connect, the worst situation That is to say, if the connection is slow in Hong Kong, it will be changed to Los Angeles. If the connection is slow in Los Angeles, it will be changed to Japan, Singapore and so on. SSR is used for backup, because it's cheap, but it's not as powerful as expressvpn. With these two software, I've never worried about the problem that I can't turn over the wall. The rest is to keep the update of the two tools. This is the advantage of installing two wall climbing software at the same time. The main reason is that when one software version is out of date and cannot be connected, the other can connect to let it update.

The purpose of turning over the wall is not to affect study and work, not to denigrate China and Chinese people

You need to understand that the media in the world is controlled by the West. In the public opinion war, many Western media are the attacking side, but countries in the non Western camp can only choose to defend. We don't say that the existence of the wall is good or bad for you and me, convenient or inconvenient. If you say that, it is probably not good or convenient, but you also need to understand that the existence of the firewall is reasonable in politics and national security Sex. For example, the reason why Facebook was blocked:

Due to the July 5 riots in Urumqi, some Xinjiang independent activists used Facebook as a communication platform, causing the Chinese mainland to block Facebook so far.

The vast majority of Western media have strong ideological intentions. They are definitely not "impartial and neutral". More and more Chinese will understand this. There are many cases of selective reports and malicious distortions, and even the wonderful news of "the Communist Party of China's crackdown on dogs" once existed. Western media lie and do evil without exception. It's not to be the mouthpiece of Western media. If you are surrounded, it's hard to see all the facts. The purpose of turning over the wall is not to affect personal study and work, but also to better study and work. Of course, there are also entertainment:) there are a lot of useful information on Google, youtube, Facebook and twitter. What's more, for individuals, the threshold of the wall is not as high as you think. The existence of the wall does not prevent you from obtaining this information.

Don't assume that the inevitable choice of "behind the wall" is to engage in some strange and reactionary activities. There are many interesting and meaningful things to see after the wall. Some of the free wall climbing tools are supported by the U.S. Congress. The typical representative is the once popular free gate. There are millions of dollars of appropriations from the U.S. Congress. The free gate is not the only one. This free VPN will constantly push reactionary information to users, which was sealed several years ago.

Never distribute and share self built VPN, SSR airport, script, etc

Some children in China see that it's so easy to build an SSR, so they go to build an airport. This is a typical case of death. They can search for the news that the airport owner or the station master is asked to catch by themselves. Personal VPN, SSR for your own use, please keep a low profile. Don't go to places like wechat and Weibo for distribution, unless you really want to drink tea. It's against the law to distribute and share self built VPN and SSR airport. Look at these events:

In March 2019, the webmaster of the technology website "Dubi base" was sued:

"Toby base" is a Chinese website that provides wall climbing technology. At the end of 2018, sun Dongyang (online name Toyo sun), the founder of the website, was arrested in China. After more than five months in custody, sun Dongyang was charged on March 25, 2019 with "providing tools to invade computer systems".

In January 2019, Chongqing netizens were accused of using VPN:

In January 2019, according to the pictures circulated on the Internet, Chongqing Rongchang District Public Security Bureau summoned Huang Mou's family member, a netizen who used VPN.

In January 2019, Internet users in Guangdong were fined for using VPN:

In January 2019, a netizen surnamed Zhu in Guangdong was warned and fined 1000 yuan by Shaoguan Public Security Bureau for "establishing and using illegal channels for international networking". The document shows that Zhu used the blue light (lantern Pro) on his mobile phone for many times from August to December 2018. This is a case of being punished for personal use of VPN.

What is China's easy to use wall climbing software

You may have heard about the names of these tools, such as VPN, airport, SSR, node, remote server, VPS, scientific Internet access software, soft routing, v2ray, shadowsocks, wall climbing software, proxy server, web proxy, blue light, free door, racing wind, browser wall climbing, wall climbing abroad, wall climbing back home, etc. All these names, in the final analysis, are one! That is to use the "remote server" as the relay point to transmit the information outside the wall to your local computer through the relay server. In this way, you can realize the demand of viewing the information outside the wall, which is the saying of "turning over the wall".

Expressvpn the best VPN in China

If only one VPN can be recommended, it should be expressvpn, which is the most expensive in the market, but with the best stability and speed.

Why is expressvpn the best Chinese VPN wall climbing software?

There are thousands of VPN software in the world. One hand is willing to provide image station for Chinese users. The image station of express VPN is always accessible to Chinese users. There are many VPNs that are easy to use on the client, but there are VPN manufacturers that can install the client without Google play store and apple America store. I'm afraid that expressvpn is one of the only ones.

So why is expressvpn recommended? Because it values the Chinese market.

Recommend nodes in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United States, provide image stations that can be opened in China, purchase without turning over the wall, real full terminal coverage, computers (windows, Mac OS, Linux), mobile phones (Android, IOS: iPhone, iPad), routers, game consoles (PS2, Xbox), etc., Android phones do not need Google Play can also be installed. IOS devices can be installed without visiting the apple store. At the same time, 5 devices can be deployed separately, which applications will take VPN, which will not go (Split Tunneling), 30 days unconditional refund, buy one year to send 3 months, support Alipay payment, support P2P Download, unlimited traffic. Express VPN tutorial (need to look over the wall)


Recommend Taiwan, Korea, Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, the United States and other places, do not have to turn over the wall to buy in China, exclusive chameleon confusion agreement, at the same time 5 devices, 30 days unconditional refund, support Alipay payment, support P2P download, unlimited traffic.

Vypr VPN is the VPN software that I am sure China can use. The nodes in Taiwan and South Korea are surprisingly fast. The price of vyprpvpn is lower than that of expressvpn. For users who think expressvpn is too expensive, I recommend that you use vyprpvpn.

Every penny, every shipment, the device support of vypr VPN, the available node book (for Chinese users) is not as powerful as express VPN.


Hong Kong, Japan, the United States node, 6 equipment at the same time, may have to buy over the wall, refund at any time. Nord VPN is cheap and refundable at any time.


Hong Kong, Japan, the United States node, 5 connections at the same time, need to buy over the wall, 31 days unconditional refund. VPN is the first choice for overseas Chinese to go back to China.

There are many VPN providers, many of which also offer free services. However, the problem is that these free programs are usually slow, reliable, secure and supported. If you want to use VPN to transfer content, speed and a reliable connection are very important.

When choosing a VPN provider, security is also a very important factor. In most cases, the free VPN service will provide point-to-point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), which is the easiest to set up. PPTP highlights some vulnerabilities that may make these VPN connections vulnerable. On the other hand, paid services provide various VPN protocols, such as IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and L2TP (layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), which are more secure than PPTP.

Another important factor is the bandwidth available on the VPN service. Free services often do not have resources to invest in effective Internet connections, resulting in slow connection speed. On the other hand, paid VPN applications provide customers with more secure and faster connections.

In addition to security and bandwidth, it's important that vendors have many servers. The paid VPN service usually has a large number of servers, which makes your VPN connection fast and powerful, so that you can transfer content without buffering problems or losing connections.

Paid services always have better customer service than free services. Free services usually require you to troubleshoot and fix your VPN problems, while paid services usually provide 24 / 7 customer service. A paid VPN can also provide good customer service over the phone, which can be useful if you are unable to solve the problem online.

Don't believe in breaking VPN. It can't be used at all. Because VPN software is divided into client side and server side, it can break what is used by the client side, and the algorithm and service address of the server side will change, so it is useless.

Cracked version of the software is easy to hang up, with a virus, let alone I did not remind you. I really don't want to spend money. At least I can use the free version.

There is no 100% stable VPN, and the connection quality is poor in a special period of time every year (such as the beginning of June), which is easy to disconnect. This is not the problem of a VPN. All the wall climbing software will do this, and generally it will be fully recovered by the middle of June.

Daily use, occasional disconnection, server reconnection.

Even for the same service, the service quality will be different at different times of the day, or in different regions. If you take a small plane to run all over the country, it is the same, which is determined by the local network conditions.

It is not believable to say on the Internet that any VPN software can 1080p 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But for expressvpn, you can watch 720p video smoothly 99% of the time in a year.

The Ping value from Hong Kong to the mainland is the lowest (less than 100ms), and if the software is provided, it should be the best wall turning node. Japan (between 100ms and 200ms), the United States (over 200ms) and Singapore (over 200ms) are all VPN nodes with better connection stability speed.

There are not many VPNs for Taiwan and South Korea nodes. My own feeling is that when I connect, it is very fast, but I often can't connect. I don't know why.

Hide IP address

After connecting to VPN, all traffic will follow the line provided by VPN software, which is equivalent to establishing a secret channel between the local computer and VPN remote server. The entrance is the local port, the exit is a port of the server. For services such as the visited website, the direct visitor is the remote server, so as to achieve the purpose of hiding the local IP address.

Hiding IP address is the need to protect privacy. It is also very useful when you need to access services with IP restrictions (for example, Netflix only allows IP access in some countries).

DNS leak protection

Confusion protocol

Simple VPN protocol such as OpenVPN has encryption algorithm, but it is also vulnerable in front of GFW firewall. So good VPN software will develop the obfuscation protocol separately. The role of confusion is to make VPN traffic as different as possible from VPN encrypted traffic, cheat the detection algorithm of the wall, and help users to cross the wall more effectively.

Express VPN, vypr VPN and other software have developed commercial obfuscation protocol, which is the reason why such software is more stable than ordinary VPN.

##Split Tunneling

When you connect to VPN software, all traffic will be connected by VPN by default, which will slow down your visit to domestic websites (such as Zhihu, Baidu, Weibo, Youku, etc.). Split tunneling allows you to specify which applications do not use VPN lines. For example, in expressvpn, you can configure Firefox browser not to use VPN and Chrome browser to use VPN. In this way, you can use Firefox when visiting domestic sites and chrome when visiting foreign sites. The visiting speed of domestic and foreign sites can reach the best.


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