loan insurance and serious risks

Posted by millikan at 2020-02-14

A running system

The aeras Convention ("Sa"), which entered into force on 6 January 2007, provides for solutions to the problem of borrowing from serious health problems or serious health problems. It's a very interesting career to meet the expectations of those who are at serious health risk as much as possible.

The need for pre insurance has been affected by the crisis.

In 2008, the company received more than 3.75 million applications - "real estate and professional credit prepaid insurance". These applications are 16% lower than in 2007; a terrible real estate crisis and a contraction in prepayments by French compatriots.

2008: solutions applied by 93% of high-risk population

Insurance policy

Of the 386000 files, 92.8% are insurance recommendations, which cover at least the risk of death. 2.8% are insurance recommendations. The rest includes 1.3% pending applications and 3.1% incomplete and open applications. For those who are exposed to serious health risks, 100% of the insurer's bids include coverage, 50% of the bids are submitted in accordance with the standard terms of the contract, 49% of the bids are submitted in accordance with a surcharge, and 1% of the bids do not have a surcharge, but exclude or limit insurance.

A □ ptia margin (□ full and verifiable loss of autonomy)

Within the scope of ptia insurance, the insurer can meet the insurance requirements of 88% of the high-risk population.

A = disability guarantee

As for disability insurance, insurers are able to respond positively to 76% of applications (5 percentage points higher than in 2007).

Guarantee, guarantee, guarantee, guarantee

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