lesson 4: introduction to ctf in the operation and maintenance challenge (practice) of university safety management

Posted by punzalan at 2020-02-28

Time: October 21, 2016 (Friday) 14:00 ~ 15:00 p.m. video conference website: brief introduction of the speaker: Zhang Siyu, system security engineer of network information center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, has rich experience in web security, intrusion detection and DNS domain name system

Main content:

This lecture is aimed at the second practice competition of "safety and constant Cup" national college network information security management and operation and maintenance challenge for CTF induction training. This paper introduces the basic types of competition questions and knowledge points (web, forensics and miscellaneous), and analyzes several pre competition exercises on the competition platform

Lecture organization: China Education and research computer network emergency response group (CCERT) of network information security working group of education informatization branch of China Higher Education Society

Sponsor: Hangzhou Anheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Anheng information), ant financial security emergency response center (afsrc), Shanghai Renren Network Security Technology Co., Ltd. (Renren Technology), Shanghai Yinian Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Yian online), Shanghai Youyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (board @ whiteboard), Yuanjiang Shengbang (Beijing) network security technology Co., Ltd Webray Shanghai qiniu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (qiniu cloud storage) Beijing zhonganbit Technology Co., Ltd. (zhonganbit)