ten good habits to improve work efficiency

Posted by punzalan at 2020-02-29

The original author of this paper is Bernard Marr, whose translation comes from creation.

In today's rapidly changing society, everyone is used to pursuing a faster, better and simpler way of life and work. Therefore, the term "efficiency" is also concerned.

To be sure, good habits can bring high efficiency. Let's share a few classic and useful work habits. You can also become an efficient worker according to the change.

Define the day to day (MIT)

The most important thing is the most important thing you need to do every day. Taking a few minutes a day to define the three to five most important things today can help improve your overall efficiency - after all, if you don't know what the important things are, how about focusing on the important things efficiently?

Reject multithreaded work

Supporting multithreading is the standard configuration of many devices nowadays, and people's lives are gradually affected by this, and they tend to be multi-purpose. However, scientists tell us that human beings are not as competent as machines for "multithreading". Focusing on one thing at a time is more conducive to completing work efficiently and reducing the probability of errors.

Customized morning routine planning

For many people, if they spend every morning according to a fixed and suitable arrangement, they can start a new day more smoothly. If you exercise in the morning and eat a rich breakfast, you will be particularly efficient. Then, please focus on the morning exercise and delicious breakfast in the morning routine planning, so that these factors can maintain their positive role. In the same way, you can also customize afternoon planning or evening planning accordingly.

Simplify information sources and ensure efficient input

It has to be said that this is an era of information explosion. Some people can't put newspapers on their hands and don't miss all kinds of messages from social media. Where can all the messages from all over the world be received completely? At the same time of continuous absorption, we often inadvertently input a lot of irrelevant and meaningless information.

So, how to make information input more efficient? First of all, simplify all kinds of information sources and leave the most important and valuable ones. Second, make full use of RSS subscription tools, such as Hootsuite and other apps that support offline reading.

Keep output simple

When you write a report or an email, keep in mind the simple way. The most efficient way to express yourself is to directly focus on the key points, rather than to write a beautiful article. When writing an email, it's best to express your meaning in 5 sentences.

Do something important

In the classic work seven habits of highly effective people, Steven Covey shows people four quadrants of time management: urgent and important, not urgent but important, urgent but not important, and not urgent and not important. What we should spend the most time on is those things that are not urgent but important, so as to ensure that important things have enough time to complete, rather than rush through.

Focus on homogeneous tasks

In short, by focusing on the same thing at a certain time, you can avoid interrupting your original workflow. To check the emails and SMS that pop up from time to time will inevitably interrupt your work rhythm. Focus on the planned time to view uniformly, which helps to improve efficiency.

Deletion and delegation

There are many things to do every day in the work, however, some of them are unnecessary and can be deleted; some can be completed by means of tools and technologies; some of them do not need your own supervision and can be handed over to other suitable people for completion.

Offline work

Networking is very convenient, but there are many interference factors. If you are distracted by information and news, it is recommended to work offline to ensure high efficiency.

Do "the last thing you want to do" first

Put the last thing you want to do and the easiest thing to put off. When all the things you don't want to do are finished, they won't keep disturbing your work mood in your mind.

Please believe that improving efficiency does not necessarily require how complete and tall the system framework is. Mastering these useful and time-consuming habits, you can also become an efficient person.