more than 22000 criminal cases have been broken in the "jingwang 2018" special action of the public security organ (with 10 typical cases attached)

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In order to build a safe and clear cyberspace, in February this year, the Ministry of public security deployed the national public security authorities to carry out a one-year "net 2018" special action to crack down on and punish the network illegal crime.

Since the special action was carried out six months ago, the national public security organs have been constantly strengthening the crackdown on the network chaos, focusing on clearing up the sources of information dissemination of illegal crimes, strengthening the implementation of the security management obligations of Internet enterprises, continuously increasing the investigation and handling of network crime cases, achieving phased results, breaking more than 22000 criminal cases and capturing more than 33000 suspects.

In order to effectively clean up the sources of illegal and criminal information dissemination, the national public security organs adhere to the problem orientation, increase the inspection of the high incidence parts of illegal and criminal information, clear more than 1.56 million pieces of illegal and criminal information, close more than 50000 illegal and illegal Internet accounts, guide domestic Internet enterprises to filter more than 204 million illegal and criminal web pages, and conduct Baidu music, Sina Weibo, and search 43 websites such as dog pictures, Netease blog, 360 search, etc. spread illegal information such as guns, false certificates, false invoices, online recruitment and whoring, and 119 IDC (Internet Data Center) such as century Internet, Dr. Peng broadband, Hangzhou Telecom, Zhengzhou Unicom, etc. were listed for supervision and rectification.

In view of the fact that some Internet enterprises do not seriously fulfill their obligations of network security management and promote the frequent occurrence of online illegal crimes, the Ministry of public security has increased efforts to crack down on the rectification and task supervision, and investigated and punished illegal enterprises and Internet information service providers according to law. Public security organs at all levels have implemented territorial supervision responsibilities, strengthened supervision, inspection and administrative law enforcement, handled more than 9200 administrative cases, closed or suspended more than 3400 service websites, imposed administrative fines on more than 1000 websites with prominent illegal information, and interviewed and rectified more than 10400 enterprises according to law. We carried out special inspections on services such as e-commerce, online games, online live broadcast and online short video, shut down more than 320000 online stores, more than 140000 illegal Internet accounts, communication code numbers and payment accounts, more than 1000 illegal anchor accounts and more than 670000 illegal live broadcast rooms, and cracked down on the spread of obscene pornography, bloody violence and other illegal app5400 according to law.

In view of the fact that the network black ash industry provides power for the blood transfusion of network fraud, pornography, gambling and other prominent crimes and forms the interest chain of network crime, the public security organ focuses on cracking down on the upstream crimes, severely cracking down on the crimes of infringing upon citizens' personal information, hacking, destroying and illegally selling "black cards" that provide information support, technical support and tool support, and catching the criminals There are more than 8000 suspects, including more than 300 insiders from telecom service providers, Internet enterprises, banks and other industries, more than 1200 hackers, and more than 2.7 million "black cards" have been seized. In response to the Internet pornographic crime, Internet gambling chaos, Internet "routine loan" crime and other illegal crimes that the people deeply dislike, the public security organ insisted on taking the initiative to attack, deal with it quickly, and crack down on it with a heavy fist. More than 7000 people were arrested and more than 250 gambling gangs were defeated.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of public security, the public security organ will further carry out the "net 2018" special action, continue to crack down on and rectify the chaos of network illegal crime, continue to increase the investigation and handling of all kinds of network crime cases, continue to strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of Internet enterprise security management, continue to strengthen the clearing up of network illegal crime information, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive treatment of network security Manage ability and level, and strive to create a clean and positive network space.

Recently, the Ministry of public security released 10 typical cases of "net 2018" special action to crack down on network crimes.


Hefei public security bureau in Anhui Province has solved the case of Cheng and others illegally invading the computer information system. In November last year, Hefei public security organ found that some netizens stole the key of "national doctor qualification information management system" of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, installed remote control software, and added and tampered with doctor information for profit. Hefei public security organ attaches great importance to the investigation immediately. After several months of continuous fighting, Cheng and other suspects were arrested in Wuhan, Hubei Province in June this year. After examination, Cheng, together with more than 10 people such as Li in April 2016, illegally intruded into the doctor qualification information management system and added false doctor qualification information after receiving orders from customers with false doctor qualification in Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places, making an illegal profit of more than 2 million yuan.


Zhejiang public security authorities arrested the hacker who peddled the school roll information of primary and secondary school students in Zhejiang Province on the dark net. In August this year, a netizen published a post on the Chinese website of the dark net to sell the information about the school roll of primary and secondary school students in Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang public security organs attached great importance to it and immediately set up a special class to carry out online investigation. On August 10, Jinhua public security organ organized a network collection operation and successfully arrested three suspects including Wang Mou who illegally intruded into the school roll management system of Zhejiang Province.


Xuzhou Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu Province has cracked a case of using wechat reward platform to spread obscene articles. In January this year, Xuzhou public security organs found that the website "Tingting video reward platform" was suspected of spreading obscene articles for profit. After further investigation, the police found that the website operator "Tingting diggers" stored a large number of obscene videos in the public film library module of the website, and recruited agents on the Internet. The agents distributed the generated links of the website videos to the wechat group according to the requirements for users to reward and watch. In April, the Xuzhou public security organ sent a working group to Zhanjiang, Guangdong, Loudi, Hunan, Longyan, Fujian and other places to capture 53 suspects after finding out the real identity and activity track of the people involved.


Guangdong's public security organs have successfully defeated 29 online gambling gangs organized during the world cup. In June this year, Guangdong public security organs strengthened the key inspection of online gambling during the world cup, and found that many gambling gangs used QQ, wechat and other social platforms to promote gambling platforms. From June 14 to July 15, Guangdong public security organs launched network collection in many places, killed 29 gangs involved in the case, seized 462 suspects, destroyed gambling websites such as, passion World Cup, and app79, shut down QQ group and wechat group 251, and frozen the amount involved more than 260 million yuan.


The public security organ of Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, cracked the case of "5.30" extra large network "routine loan". In May this year, Xu, a resident of Jiuquan, reported that he had borrowed money through a small online loan platform and was forced by the other party to extort the debt by violence for overdue breach of contract and was defrauded of more than 100000 yuan. Jiuquan public security organ immediately set up a special group of "5.30" network "routine loan" to carry out investigation. On July 12, after mastering the activity track of the members of the group, the special group quickly carried out the action of taking over the network, destroyed the illegal network loan criminal groups in seven provinces and cities at one stroke, seized 400 suspects, seized 866 computers, 529 mobile phones, 204 bank cards, 391 hard disks, etc., and frozen more than 1 million yuan of funds involved in the case.


Henan Xinxiang public security organ has cracked down a criminal gang that uses GSM sniffing technology to carry out network theft. In April this year, Xinxiang public security organ received a number of reports from the masses that tens of thousands of yuan was stolen from the bank card without the transfer operation of the victim. Xinxiang public security organ digs deeply along the line, and grasps the criminal facts that the illegal personnel use 2G mobile communication protocol loopholes to sniff the SMS verification code of mobile phone users, steal the Citizenship Information and bank card information through some network application logic loopholes, and finally use the victim's financial account to purchase virtual goods to sell the stolen goods. In July this year, Xinxiang public security organ seized 10 suspects and brought more than 50 cases to be solved.


Luzhou police destroyed a criminal gang that made and sold fake cards. In May of this year, Luzhou public security organ found a QQ account suspected of false identity card of network manufacturer and peddler. After investigation, the public security organ successfully destroyed a criminal group that illegally hacked into the websites of relevant provincial and municipal personnel examination networks, health networks, construction networks and other government departments, obtained the authority of websites, illegally added data, manufactured and sold fake certificates, captured 14 suspects such as hackers, counterfeiters, sales agents, and seized engineer certificates, graduation certificates and doctor certificates , teacher certificate and other false certificates of more than 100000, involving more than 20 million yuan.


The Beijing public security organ cracked the case of "May 22" illegal use of information network. In May this year, the Beijing public security organs found that the website of "Beijing play forum" released a large number of information on soliciting prostitutes. Beijing public security organs attach great importance to the establishment of a special task force to carry out investigation. On June 25, the special task force launched a simultaneous network collection operation in Beijing, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places. It destroyed seven online prostitution forums, including "Beijing play forum" and "Qinghuayuan". It completely destroyed the Internet industry chain involving Yellow River, including server leasing, station maintenance, publishing information about prostitution and organizing prostitution. It seized 140 criminal suspects and destroyed more than 40 Yellow River dens.


Guangzhou Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province has solved the case of "network water army" by Zou and others. In May this year, Guangzhou public security organs found that the criminal gangs of "online water army" with Zou and Xiang as the main members made a total profit of about 955000 yuan by using technical means to carry out illegal activities such as paid post deletion, post sinking and false information release. On August 6, Guangzhou public security organs arrested 12 suspects including Zou and Xiang in Shaanxi, Guangzhou and other places.


Shandong Tai'an public security organ cracked the case of "3.17" illegal use of information network. In December last year, an online inspection by the Taian public security organ found that someone had set up the website of " preferential shopping mall" and set up online casinos by means of "one yuan purchase". Tai'an public security organ immediately set up a special group to carry out investigation and found out that the website operation unit is Chaozhou united innovation and Exhibition Technology Co., Ltd. On March 29 of this year, Taian public security organ launched the action of network collection, arrested 34 persons involved in the case of the company in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, seized more than 1000 mobile phones and 60 computers, and frozen more than 50 million yuan of stolen money.


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