the british government wants to implement the "cyber security law" to regulate the internet

Posted by trammel at 2020-03-01

According to foreign media techspot, the Internet is usually regarded as a double-edged sword. For many users, the Internet has brought them convenience. They can learn about the outside world through search engines and social media. However, live broadcast of violence and other illegal content will also appear regularly on the Internet. So companies like Google, twitter and Facebook have been trying to be wary of what users submit.

According to a British government press release, "about 60 percent" said they had witnessed inappropriate or harmful content on the Internet, "40 percent" said they had experienced cyber violence. Matt Hancock, the UK's digital secretary of state, believes that the "wild west" nature of the Internet is dangerous and requires more regulation. Therefore, the country will introduce new network security laws to protect users.

Hancock made the following statement on the coming legislation:

People are exposed to more and more online platforms in their lives, so people's safety is more important than ever, and parents can have confidence to protect their children from harm. The measures we take today will help to ensure that children are protected online and that the enormous freedom that the Internet brings balances the need for security, because we have to get out of that balance.

In the press release, the British government said that the upcoming legislation will be aimed at protecting children from exploitation, preventing online bullying and stopping online terrorism. The UK government will publish a white paper later this year on forthcoming legislation.