cia black computer black mobile phone, crying angel secret base physical attack... wikileaks this wave of material, the united states has become more and more magical recently

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After the U.S. election, Wikileaks stopped for a while

But in the end, they made another big news

Go straight to the point:

"On March 7, Wikileaks released some secret hacking projects from the CIA, or vault 7 for short."

WikiLeaks and the U.S. government,

We've said some before.

But this time, all walks of life and the media all over the world regard this exposure as a big bomb of overweight pounds,

There is a reason:

This time, Wikileaks released 8761 CIA documents,

The file details how the CIA uses malware and Trojans,

Through mobile phones, computers, televisions, CD / DVD discs, routers and other devices to intrude into the monitoring target system for monitoring.

And WikiLeaks said,

The 8761 secret documents are just the first part of their exposure of the entire series "vault7,

Then there are a lot of materials

The first part is called "year zero",

It includes all kinds of monitoring tools developed and used by CIA throughout the year, such as viruses, Trojans, malware, remote control programs and weaponized "Zero Day" vulnerabilities,

The amount of code to write these tools can be as many as hundreds of millions of lines

The source of these monitoring tools is the CIA's Network Intelligence Center (CCI),

This department is divided into four groups,

One of them, the engineering development group (EDG), is responsible for writing code to develop malicious monitoring tools.

After tool development,

Other executive departments are responsible for launching attacks against different targets,

The attack covers all parts of the world.

The main means of attack, let's go into details

Smart phone monitoring

According to Wikileaks, as long as the CIA wants to access your information, whether it's apple or Android, they have countless ways to invade any electronic device around you.

The monitoring of this part of smart phones is completed by the MDB Department of CIA, which is responsible for mobile devices.

They use the "0day" vulnerability developed by the engineering research and development group EDG (a security vulnerability that has not been patched) to remotely control attacks... They can attack almost all types of smartphones at present. Whether Apple or Android

But the cell phone that is attacked by the CIA can unconsciously transmit the geographic location, audio and various text information of the user to the CIA.

The CIA can even manipulate and activate the camera and microphone of the user's mobile phone in the dark.

And this part of monitoring, the Department responsible for attacking mobile devices MBD is divided into two groups.

A department is specially responsible for passing the infection backdoor program and stealing the mobile phone data of Apple users. As long as they are infected with the "0day backdoor", it is easy for them to obtain the user data.

Another department is dedicated to attacking Android users, including Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other mobile phone brands, all of which failed to escape.

So far last year, the CIA's own research and development, together with the help of the national security administration and other contractors, has had 24 kinds of 0day vulnerabilities against Android system.  

The virus is powerful enough to allow the CIA to bypass all encryption protection on the phone,

As long as they want it, they will get it.

Monitoring computer

Everything from computer files to network infrastructure and web servers is under the control of the CIA.

This series of computer monitoring is launched by NBD, the network equipment branch of CIA, which uses different "0day vulnerabilities" to attack various computer systems including OSX, Linux and windows.

In addition, the automatic implantation group (AIB) has also developed a variety of software that can automatically attack viruses and facilitate the CIA to control users' computers,

These viruses can also be carried on different devices such as optical disks and mobile hard disks.

Even to the extent that..

Even if your computer is not turned on, it can still be intruded if it is not connected to the Internet.

It includes members of the US Cabinet, Congress and CEOs of major enterprises.

It's hard to find, it's hard to get rid of.

Car assassination

The WikiLeaks report points out that in October 2014, the CIA secretly negotiated the development of a new virus,

Used to infect control systems in modern cars and trucks.

But according to the information obtained by Wikileaks, the CIA didn't make clear why it developed the car virus,

Good guy wants to control the car?

And operate the control system in the car?

According to the inference, Wikileaks believes that the original intention of the CIA is probably to complete all kinds of assassinations unconsciously.

Because once the virus is established, there is no way to find out the real cause of the accident.

Television eavesdropper

Among all the electronic equipment monitoring, the CIA's TV monitoring is particularly appalling.

The CIA's embedded device group (EBD) and the UK's MI5 have developed a very magical virus, weeping angel

This virus mainly attacks all kinds of smart TV, including Samsung, and it can make TV become a eavesdropper.

Once infected with "crying angel" TV, it will be given a "false off" mode. Users think that the TV has been turned off, but the TV just turns off the screen, and the part of the smart chip is still running, which can turn into a eavesdropper unconsciously.

It will record every conversation of users in the room, which will be recorded and sent to CIA's server secretly through the network.

And in the documents released by Wikileaks, there is also an engineering note of the "crying angel" virus,

It includes adding a device to cycle the audio in the false off state, and dimming the screen so that the false off is false.

In order to complete this series of monitoring, the CIA has also set up a remote development team under the CCI team, which is responsible for collecting and sorting out hacker technologies from Russia and other countries... After collection, they began to imitate the hacker technology of these countries... In their own invasion, leaving behind the "footprints" of hacker organizations in other countries

In a word, the CIA is learning from the technology of Russian hackers, so that after leaving behind, it pretends to be the work of Russian hackers

Besides, Wikileaks believes that the worst part of the CIA is to spy on almost everyone,

What's more, the idea of discovering the vulnerability is how to make use of it, even to the extent that the intentional person can invade the user's equipment.

The CIA does not seem to have any intention of informing the brand of these vulnerabilities.

As soon as these moths come out, people's frying pan

So, is this true or false??

After the announcement, all parties began to give feedback:

The FBI and the CIA say they need to check the source of the leak

US officials say

The source of the leak is likely to be contract workers hired by the CIA

(Snowden used to be an external contract worker with the CIA)

The major brands exposed the loopholes were also flustered. First, apple came out to make a statement.

"Apple said most of the leaks in its devices released by Wikileaks have been fixed.".

In the interview, apple said that most of the leaks released by Wikileaks have been intensively studied and have been fixed in the latest system,

And call on everyone to update the system as soon as possible

Samsung, after learning about the report, claimed that it was also conducting an urgent investigation,

I will do my best to protect the information security of consumers.

Apart from Google's silence on CIA's efforts to control Android phones by sending virus infections,

Almost all the other brands involved spoke for the first time, saying they would seriously investigate and deal with it.

However, the active response of the brand side did not bring the user's peace of mind and understanding.

Make up for the loopholes?

Investigation? Serious?

In this panic, another surprise came

WikiLeaks added in "zero year":

The American Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, is actually the secret base of CIA hackers.

The hacker is in the secret studio of the consulate,

Lead the attack and monitoring on European countries, Middle East and African countries.

First of all, these hackers from the CIA are so sensitive and special,

How to enter Germany smoothly?

"Diplomatic passport" and "political asylum" from the Department of foreign affairs of the United States Department of state

Usually, the CIA makes up a whole set of impeccable background stories for hackers on duty in Frankfurt,

They were sent to the consulate as "common procedural apes.".

"As long as the story is perfect, they can only stamp you,

Passing the customs is like a breeze. "

Some examples are also given.

Customs: what is the purpose of your coming to Germany? (Why are you here?)

Hacker: provide technical support for the work of the consulate. (Supporting technical consultations at the Consulate.)

PA Ji, the stamp of the passport is covered.

When hackers enter Germany, they walk on the ground without the knowledge of German customs.

After entering the door successfully, it's time for "diplomatic passport" to show its power.

With this ordinary black passport,

Hackers have free access to 25 European countries without border controls,

Including some Schengen countries.

Here's another question:

Don't hackers squat in front of computers to write code? Why do you go to so many countries?


Because these hackers also carry a task that other online teammates cannot accomplish:

Physical attack.

What is physical attack?

For example: the criminal record database of the police station

This is a confidential document of vital importance,

Usually saved on a computer that cannot be connected to the Internet.

Without Internet, hackers can't steal it by using online tools,

At this moment, someone needs to go and steal it by hand using the USB with malicious software.

They usually use their diplomatic status to enter the secret departments of various countries,

When approaching the target computer,

We can play video, show PPT, play computer games, and even run fake anti-virus software,

Insert USB into the target computer, and the monitoring software will invade the system silently,

Steal the information and send it back to the CIA's Secret server.

Is it all the plot in the movie!!  

It's a little abstract,

Here are a few more specific examples from WikiLeaks,

It's all hacker systems and technologies that hackers have used,

Compared with the above "cry angel", these names are also magic of one game.

Shadow, umbrage:

This system is mainly used to hide footprints,

The methods include but are not limited to keyboard recording, password collection, stealing camera, deleting data, authority promotion and anti-virus killing

Fine dining:

The name is because the system contains a series of standardized questionnaires (menu).

The questionnaire is filled in by CIA executives, and the content is the target and demand of attack,

After completion, it will be submitted to the operation support service to refine the requirements into technical implementation plans,

And then to each department.


Beehive is a set of cross platform customized malware system,

It can break the intrusion one by one for windows, Linux, Solaris, Mikrotik and other systems in the router.


After watching so much,

My heart is really mixed with five flavors, which can not be carried away by a single thought.

Finally, let's have a little egg

In this extremely long, thickened, side leakage proof, it terminology dazzling disclosure document,

There are several painting styles that are even a little cute:

"Network expression" -. -

Well, the file shows,

In order to be able to understand some of the monitored information.... the CIA specializes in various expression packs popular on the Internet,

At present, Japanese characters are released,

Do you feel familiar

(some facial characters are followed by special notes)


In addition, it is reported that the leaking data of the CIA also includes Emoji

I don't know what to do with it. -

What do you think?



If you look at your eyebrows, you can't be ignored by others. _lim: can I have a picture book of trump on my mobile phone?

Nurse Xiao Lv of Shaolin Temple hospital: I'm afraid that there are hidden secrets in my cell phone

Mr. lovelorn's daily life: why do I lose my cell phone, but the police say I can't find it?        

Marc Fung: people who are worried about their privacy, you really want Dora

Miss Dehua: Recently, I've watched POI play mobile phone every day. Now I play mobile phone every day in fear

Two see you: Trump's Twitter is probably also their manipulation. Trump itself may not have twitter?

Soumns crayfish: I have to say that hackers are really omnipotent

Think twice about Xiaoxin: the main problem is that the universal value of the United States is not only promoted to foreigners, but also to its own people. Some Americans who believe in universal values, human rights and the U.S. Constitution will inevitably feel that the CIA's approach is different from their values, and that their actions are to save the United States. It's all a result of the arrival of Medici on its own.        

Bearcat Kerr: is there any secret in the world? Everyone is like the rhythm of streaking

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