"how do south korea and the united states ruin the opportunity for reconciliation with north korea"

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"Vision" of the article "Chang Wen" on the failure of the restoration of relations between South Korea and the United States after Kim Il Sung's death

With the situation in Northeast Asia shaking, after the death of Dean, an authoritative British magazine, in North Korea, the Wu edition of South Korea and the United States attracted people's attention on how to resume relations.

On November 11, "how South Korea and America forged chance for reconciliation with the North - how South Korea and the United States ruin the chances of reconciliation with North Korea" was written by Mark Barry, university management and political school of UTS baribaribaribaritown, New York, and articles of political school. After the conclusion, President Kim Il Sung and North Korea and North Korea will be together, annotated, annotated and doomed. Moreover, through the rapid development of entanglement with the United States and other countries, the situation on the Korean Peninsula has changed again.

In particular, Professor Mark Bari, a non vice captain of Washington materials in the last weeks of Kim Il Sung's death, participated in the former world peace summit sponsored by unified education, replacing the situation transmission before and after Kim Il Sung's death in the weeks before his death.

Professor Mark Paris said: during his visit to Pyongyang, most of the power was inherited by Kim Jong Il, the former chairman of national defense. Kim Il Sung's decision to reuse foreign policies in South Korea, China, Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries.

Professor Mark said that when the first North South Summit was held 20 years ago, he died suddenly on the 17th, a few weeks before his death, and there was a chance to reconcile his funeral, but South Korea and the United States missed this point. Professor Mark believes that Kim Il Sung is the last few years of his life, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, and the North nuclear crisis. Those who have solved the surrounding situation surrounding North Korea's rapid change have only confidence and do not want to burden his son. Analysed.

Professor Mark was injured in 1993 due to the North nuclear issue, and the United States held high-level talks with North Korea. Kim Il Sung denied that in addition to his peaceful intentions for the nuclear Festival, this new crisis may become a strategic opportunity, so he can do it technically. Evaluated. Although the United States can't stop it, Gao Zu of the North nuclear crisis brought personal epithets, and the visit of the CNN reporter group to the North brought about the result of the nuclear crisis.

Professor Mark and Kater's Kim Il Sung negotiator "stealth fighters, long-distance bombers, extra carriers and American citizens leave South Korea, and the planned 10, In fact, 10000 people prevented the additional troops from sending out troops. "In fact," the nuclear crisis of 1994 had pushed the Korean peninsula into the war.

Professor Mark went on to say that "Carter personally thought that his visit blocked the second Korean War, and many others just won it reluctantly.". Carter believed that the power to solve the contradiction between countries should be under diplomacy. The contradiction between the north and the south in this part is higher than ever. The recent situation surrounding the realization of the power conflict on the Korean Peninsula will also be deeply remembered.

After the agreement led by Kater, Professor Mark met with President Kim Yong San through the unarmed detachment, and the North South Summit was held on July 25, 1994. However, after the sudden death of Kim Il Sung, a series of miscalculations gave him a good chance to build a trust relationship between the north and the South. Say lost.

Professor Mark said: "if Kim Il Sung can change the strategic track of relations with North Korea, a successful North South Summit may produce many mutual interests, lasting North South friendship and trade, However, in this historic diplomatic step, South Korean President Kim Yong San said: it may be Kim Il Sung's death, or his core adviser Kim Jong Il will last for a long time. In the process of speculating on the history of North Korea and North Korea, according to the proper diplomatic steps, Kim Il Sung's death will not last for a long time. At that time, he said that he should choose between encouraging hostility and persuading conservatives in South Korea.

Finally, Kim Yong San's choice not only rejected Zhao Yi's name, but also called his prime minister "war criminals". The South Korean government started Kim Il Sung's war with South Korea, and the sergeant took a super alert state. The possibility of building mutual trust has disappeared. Professor Mark said that a series of processes at that time, that is, Kim Yong San did not recognize Kim Yong San's death and current strategic opportunities, so the relations between the South and the north have been plagued by problems in the past 20 years.

The Clinton Administration said that if Kim Yong San responds to the current historical opportunity and encourages North Korea's reform, it will become a strategic interest. If the Clinton administration understands, it may work together to establish a possible environment for reform. If Professor Mark reaches an agreement, Who knows what the potential reforms of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have brought about? In order to achieve considerable economic and political benefits at the cost of negotiating their only physical card program, Kim Il Sung has instructed Kim Jong Il. "

Professor Mark, June 2000 After Kim Ying San and after the summit talks between President Kim Dae Jung and Kim Jong Il, although the temporary tensions have improved, this opening up will soon be over, and there may be similar opportunities again. This time, President Park Geun hye, President of the United States and South Korea, will accept the right suggestions to avoid him losing the opportunity. The outlook is yes.

In the surrounding situation of the Korean Peninsula, such as the visit of shizhenping to South Korea, the approach of North Korea Japan, the militarization of Japan and the Asian return of the United States, Professor Mark's article needs to restore the trust of North South relations. In 1994, through the death of President Kim Il Sung, the situation changed, and Kim Yong San and Kim Yong San Through the misjudgment of the situation in the United States, the author puts forward some lessons.

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