using tools to export tables in database to word

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-02

1. Dynamic soft code generator

Design sketch:

One of the items in the database design specification happens to be that I am responsible for writing this document, 18 tables. The first two tables draw tables and fill in the contents by myself. When I write the third table, it has already collapsed (I think I have enough endurance, how can I say that I have finished drawing two tables). The lazy people start to find a way to be lazy - to use the soft code generator

Step 1: add a new database server - select the database type - connect to your database

Step 2: after the connection is successful, select the database to generate the table -- database document generator

Step 3: select the required table

After the document is generated successfully, it will automatically open the effect of the beginning of the article.

Be careful:

Here are the questions I met:

1. Pay attention to the version of your database, and select the corresponding version. Version problems may cause connection failure.

2. The version of the dynamic soft code generator downloaded for the first time is low, and there is no corresponding database version number, so it's better to upgrade.

3. It's very useful to write comments when building a database, and the instructions will be generated directly here.

This is just one of the functions. Other functions will surely bring us convenience. We are good at using tools to improve our efficiency and save time and manpower.

2. Download address

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3. Remarks on MySQL production documents of dynamic soft code generator

Fix notes problem plug-in

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