baidu statistical traffic research institute

Posted by tzul at 2020-03-03

Main business

market research

Market capacity prediction user scale and distribution brand region penetration brand audience preference competition analysis

Location evaluation

Candidate location rating location business district overview location passenger flow analysis intelligent location recommendation store performance forecast

Marketing analysis

Potential customers in business circle have insight into store visitor identification, member hierarchical management, marketing effect, tracking the coincidence of competing products

User Research

Web browsing analysis app use analysis interest focus analysis offline visit analysis potential demand mining

Cooperation case

Brand chain

Cooperate with a large international brand to provide market capacity prediction, store sales prediction and operation analysis. The accuracy of model prediction has reached the best level in the industry, and the number of customers in the store radiation area has increased by more than 20%, providing decision basis for brand customer location and selection layout.

3C electron

Cooperate with well-known mobile phone manufacturers, based on Baidu big data user understanding technology, provide market audience analysis and identification from brand to model, province and city, and support manufacturers to evaluate and predict the demand for new products.

Commercial real estate

Cooperate with a group shopping center, provide business circle, competitive products, visit, member customer group analysis, guide members to pull new and maintain the old, as well as accurate delivery of theme and festival marketing activities, and Gmv has steadily improved.

Automobile industry

Cooperate with one of the world's top 500 automobile enterprises to provide global analysis and competitive brand analysis for automobile brands, intended customers and retained customers of various models, to help manufacturers understand the market dynamics, track the attention of new models on the market, and maintain and gradually improve customer retention.