network "black pr" research report created by many people

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-04

Research Center of computational journalism and communication, Jinan University

2018 6 21

Administrator research, hot spot Perspective

On June 21, we held a forum with the theme of "Internet black PR" and shared the relevant theme report with Nandu big data research institute. Since then, the relevant public opinion heat has continued to rise. As of 24:00 on June 26, Nandu news client has published more than 2.5 million times of reading about our forum news. In view of your enthusiasm, we are going to do an experiment of mass innovation report. The specific form is based on the "black PR" report we shared. People familiar with the situation are welcome to submit relevant materials online. You are also welcome to sign up for the follow-up and in-depth writing of the report (email: [email protected]).

Network "black PR" is the real enemy. Here, we solemnly appeal to everyone to give up their prejudices and contribute to their own ability to declare war on "black PR"!

Online reading of "black PR" Research Report:
20180627 Research Report on Internet black pr

Case collection of "black PR"

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