health insurance: why to terminate at any time

Posted by deaguero at 2020-03-04

Goal: to restore the freedom and purchasing power of the French.

Since then, the welfare lobby, Representatives of insurance companies and of the Mutual Aid Association (fnmf) took a great risk in criticizing an action that was totally inconsistent with the desire of French purchasing power action and announced that they would do everything possible to stop the reform.

However, a few weeks ago, the chosen UFC again warned that a cost free termination must be achieved as soon as possible and "at any time to make up for tariff hikes".

With Alan, we have been supporting this measure for more than two years, and we have provided this opportunity for all of our policyholders ourselves.

We take this opportunity to share our views and new health insurance experience with you.

What are we talking about?

Some numbers:

What's clearer is why the government and consumer associations require more liquidity for policyholders!

Today, policyholders (with the exception of Alan) can only terminate contracts once a year by registered mail, which must be sent at least two months before the date of the contract. Specifically, if you miss October 31, you have to leave for a year!

This situation creates a very unfavorable power relationship for the policyholder, because the policyholder is not an insurance expert, because the policyholder only needs to play with his watch, or refuses to apply for termination of the contract, because the contract is automatically extended.

At the Allen family, we are dealing with the cancellation of old contracts, not our policyholders, to avoid situations that sometimes occur during the soldier's journey.

If we support the possibility of terminating the contract at any time from the beginning, it's because we've long found that the system has failed.

Here is a list of actions we have observed over the past two years to prevent termination of existing contracts or to make entrepreneurs suspicious.

Simplify your life with Alan!

There is a clear guarantee, 0 pieces of paper, one customer service.


What about the Allen family?

We would rather take the time to create an amazing product for our users

This requires us to always provide the highest quality service and develop new services for our policyholders, which also urges us to be alert to our prices. In addition, in 2018, we decided to reduce our policyholders' prices for the second consecutive year.

Competition discovery

However, in an industry that has never had a new independent actor in 30 years, this response is not surprising ("Alan" is the first independent insurance company registered in France since 1986! " In the opinion of the insurance company, it is normal to file a lawsuit against a company that refuses to accept an inappropriate bid.

I read, you read, we read.

Articles in your mailbox and poet Alan cream!

What's the situation? What's the next step?

In Allen's view, we support this initiative and believe that this amendment is a real step forward for policy holders and the French.

Termination at any time is the best way to solve the problems we listed. It is simple, because all concerned can understand, whether insurance experts or non insurance experts. It is effective because it will remove all the rigidities in the current system, remove any temptation to play with the complexity of the rules and restore the power of the policyholder.

Most importantly, it will encourage insurers to build the best products to retain users, both in terms of price and service.

Let's hope that the senators agree with the French unionized trade union on the choice and release of businesses, employees and independents, in short, the French.

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