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E security April 16 in order to deal with the increasingly serious network threat, the U.S. Department of defense is deploying expert groups to provide network attack, defense and support capabilities. The U.S. Navy and army have begun to arrange network task force (CMF) to perform network protection tasks.

40 US Navy CMFs in place

According to scholastic Ben Tisdale of the U.S. naval fleet network command, the U.S. command confirmed that as of October 6, 2017, 40 Navy CMFs had a full operational capability (FOC), a year ahead of schedule. The U.S. Navy's CMF is actively engaged in global challenges and is part of a joint force. The U.S. Navy is also committed to promoting CMF staffing, training, capability, and readiness through a comprehensive support training program.

Most of the U.S. Army's full operational capabilities

Most of the U.S. Army's cyber forces also have full operational capabilities a year ahead of schedule. In addition, the U.S. Army has deployed network task forces within the reserve and the National Guard, which are currently preparing for training and, to some extent, are still in the process of being formed.

Casey vandemarrell, deputy director of public affairs at the U.S. Army's network command, said the reserve is already conducting critical network tasks and will have full operational capability by 2024. If the desired goal is achieved, the U.S. Army Reserve will have 11 National Guard units and 10 army reserve teams.

U.S. Navy and army officials hope that CMF's early success will drive the program to scale up. Although we can't talk too much about the specific tasks of the U.S. military, Tisdale said that from the results of the reports of these forces, the overall success has been achieved. He said the U.S. Navy's CMF team is working in all mission areas to provide its unique expertise and solutions to the threat of U.S. information systems. The U.S. Navy's network staff provides comprehensive cyberspace operations support to the Department of defense, battle commanders, and fleet commanders. With the help of trained and skilled network staff, the interoperability of the U.S. Navy in CMF missions is essential to protect the security of the United States.

Van der Marel stressed that the US Army's CMF team has proved its value and that the construction of the CMF team should not be seen as an interim plan. CMF is a new type of force with network expertise, which is a relatively new part of the network field within the US military. CMF actively participates in training and practical tasks every day. The network environment determines that CMF group is shouldering an important mission. The CMF leadership is working to ensure that the mission is completed successfully.

The biggest challenge of CMF: lack of talents

U.S. officials say that while the U.S. military increasingly relies on network systems and big data analysis, the biggest challenge facing the CMF program may be to find enough talent for these new forces. Tisdale stressed that cyber defense is an ongoing need and is always critical. In view of the dynamic nature of the network environment, the CMF team of the U.S. Navy must always maintain a high level of readiness. The U.S. Navy must ensure that CMF personnel are up-to-date on Threat Intelligence, constantly hone their skills to maintain readiness, continuously monitor the readiness of each force, and find innovative ways to test and enhance the capabilities of these forces to accomplish the assigned tasks.

U.S. officials say it is almost certain that CMF will test their skills and training results in the next few years. The U.S. Army and navy can deploy the planned active network units one year in advance. If they follow the same blueprint, the reserve and National Guard units will grow rapidly.

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