google has changed the algorithm to prioritize "original article" in search

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-04

Google has announced that it has advanced its efforts to prioritize original articles when displaying search results.

This means that the original article, which was first reported in the main news, will be placed on the top of the search results, and that it will not be buried under the new article (as well as the summary of the original article).

The latest and most comprehensive articles are often displayed at the top of the news search results, but we've changed the algorithm globally so that the article we've judged that we reported the important news first appeared in the table, "said Richard Gingras, vice president of news Mr. zingglass wrote on the blog. "The article is often put in a noticeable position for a long time. This will allow the user to look at the original article and then see the new article that has been released afterwards.

However, "original article" is a concept that cannot be used as a rope. There is a serious scoop, and there is an article that does not report anything. In the middle of both, there is an article about the importance of special. Plus, medium (like techcrunch!) Or individual posts have combined the original article with the news reported elsewhere.

How do you teach such a distinction into an algorithm? Mr ginngrass says it will use a network of more than 10000 people worldwide to send feedback on Google's test results. Its feedback is now being used to improve Google's search algorithm.

Specifically, Google changed the guidelines to make the article the most highly valued article that provides information that has never been known to the public without the news. In addition, the guideline asks the assessor to consider the general reputation of the news site (whether it has received a prominent award such as Pulitzer Prize, or whether it has written a high quality original article in the past).

Mr. ginngrin added that the actions would evolve as the life cycle of the article was understood.

This is part of a major challenge to explore Google's new way to go with the news industry, and announced it has launched a news initiative by $300 million last year.

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