what is the ddos that destroys our service?

Posted by trammel at 2020-03-04

What is the DDoS that destroys our servers? Every day in a week

Real ddoslyft

For a deeper understanding of DDoS! I Baidu about DDoS results found a lot of selling DDoS attacker sites!

I'll attack when it's done!


Then we need to know what the harm of DDoS is!

According to Kaspersky, 38% of the victims of DDoS attacks are unable to protect their core business from attacks. Attacks can also affect credit ratings and insurance premiums. A single DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on the company's online resources may cause considerable losses. The average number varies from $52000 to $444000 in the United States depending on the size of the company. For many organizations, the attack could have a serious impact on the balance sheet. The company's reputation is affected, and the situation that partners and customers can't access network resources is brought about, which is fatal. As a result of DDoS attacks, 61% of the companies cannot access their critical business information, 38% of the companies cannot access their critical business, and 33% of the victims have business contracts or contract losses. However, the above flaws are only superficial damages. Sometimes the serious consequences and reputation losses caused by the damage to key businesses cannot be calculated simply.

The question then comes "quietly":