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Posted by fierce at 2020-02-15

Alexander Stephany, Managing Director of the Alliance Branch Management Opening, on Risk Consciousness and Social Responsibility in Accident Insurance

Mr. Stephany, are the people in the opening room more aware of their vulnerability than anywhere else? Alexander Stephany: Not that I know of. I do not believe that there are major regional differences in terms of risk awareness.

Not exactly a theme of well-being...Stephany: Not at all. But this is a subject that, like hardly any other, illustrates the existence of the exclusivity organisation. Every representative here has the opportunity to fulfil an important social task. Because it is not the case that only the alliance would sell too few accident policies. Although everyone would probably wish to be able to maintain the standard of living at least to some extent in such a situation, the entire market has been shrinking for years. If they counter this and get their customers to deal with the issue, the representatives do something good not only for their business figures, but above all for their customers. My managers regularly remind our representatives of this social responsibility. This helps them to overcome the inner pig-dog who advises them not to engage in unpleasant conversations with customers.

In reverse, can we say that the representatives are to blame for the underwriting? Stephany: No. That would've been too short. In fact, in my opinion, the increasing underwriting is a side effect of the trend towards online purchasing and the fact that e-mails and telephone calls increasingly replace personal contact. Holidays, cars, construction- with such positive topics people like to deal with themselves on the Internet and thus also with our related products. But who would have the idea of looking online for insurance against the consequences of a major accident? This can affect everyone, but is usually preferred to be displaced, and our representative can only address it properly where he personally confronts the customer.