behind the scenes of tokyo motor show

Posted by tetley at 2020-03-05

Tokyo Motor Show. The number of visitors was over 1.3 million, compared with the previous two years ago

The Tokyo Motor Show was held until November 4th.

The number of visitors reached 130000 people and reached 1 million target originally. The duration of the meeting was 12 days longer than the previous 2017, but it increased by about 70 percent from the previous 77 million people. It has been over 1 million since 2007.

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The Tokyo Motor Show is held once every two years. President Akio Toyoda, President of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, sponsored by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, said that the Tokyo motor show itself will end as long as it does not change its model to the place that shows the future of the whole life. It aimed at the event that everyone knew like high school baseball, and it aimed at a million people target, and developed a total war that involved various business such as electric machinery and it industry.

Breakdown of free area

This year's Tokyo Motor Show is a big difference between the venue and the free area. The yomiyo Tokyo Big site, which has been used so far, has been set up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympics, where the exhibition area has been restricted, so the venue also set up a venue in the neighboring Qinghai area.

Toyota, Daihatsu, Subaru, etc.are exhibited in the Qinghai exhibition hall of Tokyo Big site in Qinghai. In the Toyota exhibition facility "megweb (megaphone)", there were free exhibitions and events in which different industry companies called "full Expo (future Expo)" were used.

The number of visitors is 1.3 million including the toll area and free area. It is said that the "open road" of 1.5 km which was able to tie between the venue and tried new mobility was not able to count the same person as many times as possible.

The Japan Association of Commerce and industry said that only 1 million target was paid area, but the number of people in the paid area was not disclosed. It is difficult to make a precise number of people because there are multiple venues, and the toll and free area are mixed.

Mr. Toyota said the event was opened on November 2, the other day until the closing of the company, and opened in its own booth. It can be seen that the number of people extended by three consecutive holidays by the closing day.