wen watched the president's film 1987 in yin... the police who killed park chung chee, the group work of the police

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After the liberation, the police in Japan repeatedly used the Black History

President Wen watched 1987 movies about Park Zhongzhe's death, when he was 21 years old at the time of his death. Among them, the history of the police who tortured Park Zhongzhe to work in the subordinate groups of the police after he was released from prison has also attracted much attention.

According to East Asia daily on June 9, 1988, Zhao Hanjing, former police chief Li Zhenghao and former police chief Jiang zhenkui, who were detained because of Park Zhongzhe's torture and death, worked in the police's subordinate groups, the Masonic society of police and the gunpowder Safety Technology Association.

After nine months' parole in April, 1954, Zhao Qian was specially appointed as the third level police Masonic day half post in January, 1995. The former police chief Li, who was released in May 1990, and the former inclination Jiang Qian, who was released in January 1995, were specially employed as class 4 of the first class of the police Masonic and gun powder Safety Technology Association one month later.

Their employment also violates the personnel management regulations of these groups when they are specially employed, "the employment of persons who are not subject to the penalty of imprisonment or above or who are terminated or not subject to the penalty is restricted". At that time, the police department dismissed them all as soon as it was reported.

As a result, it has been suggested that there was support or shelter from senior police or authorities at that time.

In 1990, the president was the successor of former President Roh moo Hyun. In 1995, the president was the late former President Kim Yong San, and in 1998, the president was the late President Kim Dae Jung. After the liberation, the black history of the pro Japanese police as the military and government of the United States at that time and the shelter of President Li CHENGWAN also appeared repeatedly in the democratic government of Jin yingsan and Jin Dazhong.

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