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Posted by trammel at 2020-03-05

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The latest technology trend of security industry, most of the information sources outside the wall are newer than those inside the wall. After a lot of new holes come out, technical analysis article, the outside of the wall is faster than the inside. As a practitioner of security industry, it is necessary to keep pace with the latest trend of the industry. This article will sort out the twitter accounts that I've been focusing on recently, which are worth recommending and updated frequently.

Hacker chapter

@Yang Yu, this is the famous TK leader. @tombkeeper

@Soroush dalili, a hacker who specializes in web security abroad. @irsdl

@Claud Xiao, a Chinese Daniel working in a pan. However, most of the tweets are in English. @claud_xiao

@Fatih sevimli, a big bull abroad, knows both mobile security and web security. Update frequency is OK. @cyber__sec

@HD Moore, founder of Metasploit, has a good update frequency. @hdmoore

@Ben Hayak, a foreign bull, has a little low update frequency. @BenHayak

@Pralhad chaskar ‏ is mainly for turning. It can enlarge the field of vision. @c0d3xpl0it

@4b5f5f4b, Daniel of Tencent Xuanwu security laboratory. @4b5f5f4b

@Mark Johnston, IBM's security bull. @cognitivecyber

@Mario, a big bull in foreign countries, mostly pushes by turns. @0x6D6172696F

@Bincker, a researcher at 360. @Bincker

Security site

@Darkreading is mainly a website focusing on security industry news. @DarkReading

@Threatpost, a site mainly focusing on security industry dynamics, also has technical analysis. @Threatpost

@Infosecurity MAG is also a security industry news site. @InfosecurityMag

@SC media, the twitter of, has a high update frequency. @SCMagazine

@Securityweek, the twitter of, will have mobile security and industrial control security materials.

@The hacker news is dominated by industry news. @TheHackersNews

@It security tweets, with high update frequency, is worth recommending. @F1r3h4nd, the update frequency is a little low, but the content is not bad. @THEdarknet

@0day today database, will send a lot of 0day trends, necessary for home and travel! @inj3ct0r

@Help net security, focusing on industry trends. @helpnetsecurity

@Hacker News, let's not talk about that. The update frequency is very high. @newsycombinator

@E hacking news, the frequency of daily push. @EHackerNews

@Core security, focusing on industry news. @CoreSecurity

@Techworm? In, most of the industry news, but I like his news. @Techworm_in

@Network security news, also a news station, is one of the accounts I mainly watch. @NetworkSecNws

@Security network, the news quality is good, and the frequency is high. @SecurityL1st

@Secure dude, high frequency, good quality. @SecurityMagnate

@XSS payloads, specially collect payloads of various XSS, which are necessary for web dogs. @XssPayloads

@Def con, this should not be introduced. @defcon

@Affordable security, good quality, fair frequency. @offsectraining

@Packet storm, good frequency and good quality. @packet_storm

@Shapesecurity. It's introduced to other families at all levels of security. @ShapeSecurity

@Csooonline, official wechat of @CSOonline

Safety company

@Fireeye, the official micro enterprise of fireeye, has not so many advertisements, and has a good technical content. @FireEye

@Palo Alto networks, the official micro pan, occasionally has a wide range of hardness, and its technical content is still very high. @PaloAltoNtwks

@Sqlmap, that's not much. All understand. @sqlmap

@Black hat, update frequency is a little low. @BlackHatEvents

@F5 networks security, F5 special security news number, sometimes hard and wide. @F5Security

@Fortinet, the official and micro level of the flying tower, occasionally hard and broad. @Fortinet

@Imperva, his WAF and database audit are good. @Imperva

@Microsoft secure, Microsoft Security Officer micro, good quality. @msftsecurity

@Netsparker, you must have used his scanner. @netsparker

@Metasploit project, I don't know much about it. @metasploit

@Checkmarx, a big company that does source audit products. @Checkmarx

@Varmournetworks, a security start-up. @varmournetworks

@Zimperium, a mobile security start-up. @ZIMPERIUM

@Reliaquest, a security services platform company. @Reliaquest pays more attention. Now I spend half an hour every noon to browse all the updates, store the interested contents in the pocket, and finish reading them before I go to bed at night. Otherwise, the time is fragmented and the efficiency is too low.

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