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Posted by tetley at 2020-03-06

How can mongodb help you manage the massive data collected through web applications? Through the authoritative interpretation of this book, you will understand many advantages of document oriented database, and find the reasons behind mongodb's stability, superior performance and even unlimited level expansion.

The two authors of mongodb authoritative guide come from 10gen, a company that develops and supports the open source database mongodb. Database developers can use this book as a reference guide. System administrators can find advanced configuration skills in this book. Other users can understand some basic concepts and use cases. You'll find it much easier to organize data into self-contained JSON style documents than into records in a relational database.

Mongodb authoritative guide is a well received book on mongodb. Unlike traditional relational databases, mongodb is a document oriented database. The book introduces the document oriented storage method and the use of mongodb's schemaless data model to process documents, collections and multiple databases, describes how to perform basic write operations and how to perform various complex conditional queries, also introduces index, aggregation tools and other advanced query technologies, in addition to monitoring, security and authentication, backup and repair, horizontal expansion Mongodb database is also involved.

Editors recommend flexible use of document oriented storage in projects. Learn how mongodb's schemaless data model handles relationships between documents, collections, and multiple databases. Perform basic write operations, build various complex queries, and find data under any conditions. Use indexing, aggregation tools, and other advanced query techniques. Understand monitoring, security and certification, backup and repair. Establish master-slave cluster and automatic failover replication. Expand mongodb by using fragmentation level to understand its impact on application. Java, PHP, python, and Ruby have all kinds of application instances.

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